The Psychology Behind Hip Hop : Less Than

Let’s check out a few rappers and then you can check others you know and see if what I’m about to tell you is correct or not. Lil Wayne,50 cent, Puff Daddy. These names will suffice to make my points. Look at these names and tell me if you cannot see that they all represent “less than”. Little Wayne….the operative word here is “little”? Little is less than big or a lot etc? 50 cent: Less than $1.00…..half of $1.00. Psychology I’m talking you’ll. Puff Daddy: Yeah I know he changed his name again but we all know him as Puff…Puff  = soft or disappearing…? Let’s take another since my nephew just asked me about Young Jeezy:  Young = absence of wisdom…..inexperienced…? Beyonce = beyond what you can ever see? You can…with a minute of contemplation begin to understand that everyone you see up there is placed there for psychological reasons. The reason being: TO KEEP A NATION LESS THAN! If psychologically all our stars are subliminally telling the world they are less than…what does that make those who admire them? Less than less than? You’ll feel me? Now the other day Common was at the white house: Common = average,nothing special,a dime a dozen….yet politically Common says to the subconscious minds of the citizens that the people in the white house are like us and  it signals the unconscious that the government is thinking about the common man? Psychology. Obama/Osama,Barrack Hussein/Saddam Hussein…Psychology. Black people especially are the target of the powers behind hip hop….the powers behind the psychology of hip hop. Even the name hip hop is psychologically less than? Hip Hop = a  person who thinks they have something going on but in reality is a slave that doesn’t  know that they are a slave…..therefore he walks  (hops?) around like he is somebody (hip?).  I will tell you’ll 1 more time: The psychology behind hip hop is to KEEP A NATION LESS THAN!  – The King


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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