Near Is Far

The bible says that a prophet is welcome everywhere but in his own home. There is another saying that says the same thing but not many have understood it from the perspective I am putting forth right now. Man secretly searches for masters in far away lands and God is beyond the skies…somewhere near infinity and eternity.Therefore a prophet is welcome everywhere but in his own home. You see…those in his own home cannot recognize him as a prophet.They cannot recognize him as a prophet because a prophet is near to God and God is far away? Now if the prophet travels abroad he will be recognized and treated like a prophet because he comes from afar. Oh yeah…that saying I mentioned is “one cannot see the forest because of the trees”.You no doubt have heard someone say “you should take a step back to get a better view” or “you are too close to the situation”.What they really mean is that near is far? It is the psychology of the masses. Near is far. The psychology is that man can talk about reality and even experience reality but in reality never comes “in contact” with reality. He subconciously and successfully avoids reality throughout his entire life. Near is urgent and pressing. Far is in the future and not so pressing. One has time. It is this idea that one has time that is the underlying principle in the unconcious avoidance of reality.It is also the reason that Jesus is praised in the abstract….I mean the people really don’t want to see Jesus because then they would have to face reality and not just talk about it.Jesus (in their minds) is far…therefore they are able to remain in a familiar,comfortable and safe environment that prevents them from being checked….an environment that does not upset their fragile eggshell mentalities. Man exists in a perpetual and eternal illusion. Exist has the prefix or word ex in it. Ex means something that used to be. Used to exist? Existed before but not anymore? Near is far.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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