The Powers of A True Psychic

Check this out you’ll : In the movie The Matrix…..Neil went to see a psychic? In the movie The Xmen…out of all the mutants and all of their powers…the leader is Mr. Xavier….a psychic? In the tv show Stan Lee‘s Super Humans….where they travel the world to find real people with real superhuman powers….Mr. Stan Lee the creator of the show says that the most powerful human that they have ever come across was….yep yep….a psychic. I guess you’ll don’t believe that a psychic …a real psychic…is above and beyond any ordinary human…. president,scientist,preacher,doctor… whatever? You people have no clue….the powers of a  real psychic. My powers are indeed…way beyond your imagination….too great too concieve….Godlike.

About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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  1. There is a difference between a psychic of God and just a psychic!

  2. I just noticed a post of yours. Seers, Prophets and Psychics etc….it was in my spam folder for some reason.I like your site…the coffee shop is a nice touch…..very nice. Keep up the good work. Take care.

  3. Thank you so much…my belief is it doesn’t matter what difference we have, we can always learn from each other. And please, don’t think I’m judging cause I’m the last person who could ever do that 🙂 I used my gift as a psychic also…So I can’t judge anyone…..Blessings…

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