God Consciousness

Have you ever been riding around town and you see a building or a billboard or a field etc…..something that has always been there but you have just seen it for the first time…even though you’ve been down that street a thousand times? What about when you watch a movie and you see things you didn’t see the first time? That is what consciousness is. You became conscious of what was there already but you didn’t notice it before. Occult magic is like that also. I mean occult means things that are hidden. They are always there…just hidden. Obviously if one were to become conscious of occult laws they could do magic etc. Now man is only “allowed” to use a certain percentage of consciousness or he would become God? God consciousness…is in all actuality….becoming God. Man is conscious of God like he is conscious of other things in his environment. Barely. Man has a “set” consciousness. Set so that he can perform his daily affairs. Too much consciousness and man could not function. He would have to become a God? Even then….the God consciousness can only manifest for short periods of time due to the frequency one must be on. The vibrations from such a frequency would literally destroy man. Way before he even approached God consciousness….he’d have to already be initiated into many mysteries. He’d already have been preparing his body and mind to sustain such a powerful vibration as Gods. He’d already have to be an advanced human being…..obviously. Conciousness can be categorized by degrees. Each degree = another level of consciousness.Just as sleep can be categorized by degrees. People rarely consider the many levels of sleep so they certainly are not thinking about the many levels of consciousness. A 33rd degree master mason ( spiritual builder)….a real 33rd degree master mason…not a man who was given the 33rd degree by another man….no he is not a real 33rd degree master mason… only God gives man the true 33rd degree….or shall I say man takes it from God? Yes….he takes it. Einstein once said that it wasn’t that he was so smart…it was that people were so stupid. You see..there are forces that attempt to prevent man from reaching his full potential. The average citizen is not even conscious of the earthly forces that prevent him from becoming fully conscious so once again…the higher forces certainly have free reign over the common mans life. . They (nature,evil etc.) will react violently when a man begins his ascension. Not no rapture crap…..the ascension is within himself. The ascension is the expansion of his consciousness and the raising of his vibrations to another frequency or plane. I am not so concerned about an afterlife because God consciousness assures heaven on earth…regardless of  external conditions? For the person who achieves God conciousness…there is no concern with heaven or hell because he is God. Also I do not believe in death. Man is immortal but he is unconscious. That is why faith is so valuable. It is critical to have the faith that you are walking with God…period. I’m talking serious faith…not no kindergarten, Alice in wonderland faith.Not no half-hearted belief system either but a conviction born from the trials and tribulations one has already overcome. A conviction born from knowing. Otherwise you will most assuredly go insane. I like to tell about my personal experiences so I will tell you that I have experienced a few expansions of conciousness.Each time it felt like my brain was an egg frying in a skillet. I could actually feel my brain getting bigger within my skull….really an indescribable feeling….not painful in the sense of a punch in the mouth but painful in the sense that you imagine your brain will rip through your skull…a scary kind of pain….like the pain when you are scared to death.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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