Facebook: A Fools Paradise

I guess I have been a regular on Facebook for about a year or so now. I began my journey through the cyber social scene with Twitter. I just sat down and began to express myself. I followed no one because I just wanted to release my thoughts. I wasn’t concerned with anyone reading,commenting or liking what I wrote or posted. I did it because it was something I needed to do. Over time I picked up about 100 followers. I have exactly 100 today. I then discovered facebook and I initially found that I could expand my social influence via the facebook format which was totally different from Twitter. Facebook afforded the opportunity to post videos,pictures,play games etc..The news stream was a fabulous and ingenious idea. I enjoyed it very much….but over time… I found that facebook devolves into a social mud pit due to excess in words,pictures and on and on. I gathered followers on Twitter because they found my words to ring true but on Facebook…a wise mans counsel is drowned out by the noise of the masses. On Twitter no one speaks to me…they just follow….they follow and get what they get from me…period. I like that. No distractions. No pretense. Facebook allows an idiot to seem knowledgeable and it is conducive to mediocrity. Facebook is a playground for lazy people. It is the home of arm-chair revolutionaries and philosophers. It is the crack for those addicted to talking just for the sake of talking. Facebook is full of fools,pretenders,liars and agents of the government. It is a fools paradise. It is a living and breathing mental institute that is valuable mainly to social engineers,social scientists and elite rulers.Twitter is conducive to imparting heart to heart communication while facebook is conducive to superficiality. It is not the creator of facebook but the individuals on facebook that make it a fools paradise. Facebook is still very useful to some. To me….it is the case of birds of a feather flocking together…..regardless of what knowledge they think they are imparting. If the facebook community ever figure out how to properly use this medium….then Facebook will be grand indeed….but until the truly evolved are the leaders of the cyber revolution…Facebook will remain a fools paradise.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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