The Last Shall Be First

I have a friend who lives in poverty…although from my perspective if you’re not rich then you’re poor but anyway..I guess he is around 70 yrs.old…give or take a year or 2. He walks to a creek everyday to get water to shower,shave etc. He uses solar panels which are lying around his trailer to run the meager electrical appliances that he has. He places mirrors in strategical locations around his home to maximize the light from the L.E.D. lights he has strung together in his living room ,bathroom etc…When I first met him,he was passing out pamphlets about the township and it’s trustees. Most people shied away from him and he told me that people actually call him a mad scientist. We hit it off….I saw that he was a citizen who was actively concerned about local policies and I came to find out that his views were really much larger than local politics. He had insightful views on government and national politics. After a few conversations and him opening up to me….I discovered that he was a survivalist. A survivalist and a minimalist. I also discovered that he was a botany expert. He even went to school for it. He wants to teach a class called…”Introduction to your yard” about what plants are good to eat and what plants are poisonous….what you can do with certain plants etc.. One day he said with this plant here you can make ketchup.Then he began to tell of all kinds of recipes with certain plants etc. I am not one to waste my time with fools or kooks….I understood that in spite of appearances…..this man was a genius….a genius in language,physics,botany and more….I’ll probably go holler at him tomorrow.Anyway…this man has been forced to survive…..not like the ordinary citizen who does not know what independence is…other than a bogus holiday….no…this man knows independence and I understand him well. When he visits and we talk about some new big brother device or ways to refrigerate meat without a refrigerator,or how to run your house lights off of your car battery etc….I am always amazed and his presence always makes me think of that saying in the bible…the last shall be first. I think of this because I like many can see the day when this country will collapse. The dollar will be useless. In many ways…my “poor” friend….( I use the term poor as a means to describe insufficient funds….although in reality poor is a mental condition a opposed to being broke which is a physical condition ) I think that he is living and has been living for quite some time now,how many will soon be forced to live and when that day comes…the people will come to him (and people like him) to show them how to get water out of the ground.They will ask him what plants can they feed their children so they can still get their nutrition and basically so they do not starve to death. They will ask him to show them how to make a pair of shoes or how to hook your washing machine up to your rocking chair to wash clothes without electricity. I told him the last time he was here..I said “every time you stop by I remember that bible saying “the last shall be first.”


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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