Pimping Ain’t Easy

I picked up 4 books last week.One of them “The Art of Seduction” from the same author who wrote “48 Laws of Power”.I mention this one in particular because it is kind of funny to me.It is funny to me because I have been a pimp and a pimp needs no book to learn the art of seduction.Yes…I have been a pimp.Yet pimping is not the point of this article.Growth is.The point of this article is about growing and the mistakes,embarrassments, regrets etc….that go along with growing. The growing pains which are so critical to ones development as a person…as a civilized human being….as a God. Now these days I see that a lot of people claim they are God. Their theory is that we are Gods….which is indeed true. Yet they are simply talking. If I asked them to tell me how they became God or what God things can they do or have done….what follows will be nothing more than spur of the moment psychological escapism.If I then say well I have caused great floods,tsunamis….they will be in disbelief? That is always funny to me.Sometimes when I say to someone I read about 100 books per year…they say… “yeah I read about 40″… well…that’s a wonderful thing if you do but you see….you cannot lie to yourself and develop?If one does not read 40 books per year….saying they do means nothing? Me saying I read 100 books a year is of no value whatsoever? Certainly not to me.The value is in the actual reading of the books.I believe that this year I shall out do myself….I am near or beyond 100 books already this year.I could honestly say that I just don’t read books…I study sciences. I get my own degrees from what I study. Another book I picked up is on language (Language in Thought and Action). You see…I study sciences for my own personal growth. I could have gotten 1 book…perhaps just “The Art of Seduction”….but what good is a book on the art of seduction without understanding language and it’s myriad uses,meanings….powers etc.? Yes….I study and master sciences. I let the people run hither and tither all day,everyday,going nowhere fast….talking loud and saying nothing ….while I continually improve in every area of life…even areas which I have long since conquered. Pimping ain’t easy and neither is true self development. Oh yeah…the other 2 books? Pragmatism and The Theory of The Leisure Class.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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