The Healing of The Paralyzed Man : pt. 2

The next day the old lady came back again…as I’d hoped.I had thought about her and her husband all night.I had also come to realize…finally…what my entire life had been leading up to.The strange circumstances in which my abode came to be,the odd fact that this old lady came to me….a foreigner…a “blacK man”,….all of my initiations (masons,shriners,army etc.),all of the sciences and arts (astrology,numerology,healing,tarot etc.),all of my trials and tribulations came full circle and I knew what I was…and …what I was…at that moment in time…supposed to do.Yes…I had been “prepared” (psychically,intellectually,spiritually) to heal that man.So…I told the old lady that she didn’t have to climb those stairs anymore when she needed me.I ran a string from her kitchen window to mine and attached a bell.I told her to just pull on the string and I will come up.I was in a foreign land and I couldn’t speak the language so I was lucky that the old lady spoke english.Her husband did not.I got all the information I needed from her.I got his birth information so I could cast his birthchart and a numerical analysis.I can say that at that time…excited cannot do justice to what I felt…knowing I was about to begin a journey through another mans mind…knowing that I was living the story of Jesus Christ.I remember experiencing a sublime joy and profound gratitude.God was finally moving and I could see it.I could touch it.This glorious transcendental opportunity to learn…oh…dear God.When I first got out of the army fate put me next door to a professional astrologer.The first time he introduced me to my birthchart I saw the symbols and lines etc and I immediately…”recognized the language”….like a long lost friend.I felt gratitude then also but this…this was off the charts.The paralyzed mans wife told me that her husband told her to sell everything and give it to me.I asked her why he said that? She said “he said he sees a silver cord coming from heaven connected to the top of your head and he knows that you are going to heal him”. I told her she didn’t have to sell anything…just buy some special oils….


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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