The Healing of The Paralyzed Man pt.3

I began to get him out of bed and put him in the wheelchair every morning and then back into bed at night. In between I studied. The first breakthrough was dramatic to say the least. I had been at my desk all night studying his birthchart and his numerical analysis but I couldn’t “pick up on anything”…then I rearranged his name into whatever words my intuition and intelligence could form (out of the letters in his name) (lexigramming) because I knew that “our story” is hidden in our name. Here I will quote directly from my journal: ” I got 31 words from his name…about to begin #32 and realized this is the number of communication…I look at word #31 and it says “ready”…word #28 says “read”. I felt understanding…I feel like I’m about to find the answer…I feel “zeal” which is word number 30…I’m spiraling…I must study these words,therein lies the answer. 8 pm: #22 says “belt”…22 is “submission and Caution”… word #23 is “all”… word#16 is “delete”….I shall delete all from the word delete to the word all. The Answer Appears! Bladder burns,please release,trade now,learn later. There could be a piece of metal in his head…..asbestos! He needs to be bald and “release” oil applied to the scalp and a violet over blue oil for the bladder applied to the solar plexus.The next morning I asked her if her husband ever had asbestos poisoning. She was blown away. She said he got asbestos poisoning which led to a blood clot in his head and while he was in the hospital…doctors removed part of his brain without even asking her.Obviously my ” knowing” about the asbestos got around town in record speed. My dice said that what I was doing had ” entered the mass consciousness.” From my journal: ” he had a blood clot in his head and they operated on him….removing the higher mind….which man does not use anyway. He has his logical,analytical…his lower mind. Therefore there is a way to “reprogram” him.” I wondered if I could create or bring back his higher mind…..I wondered if I could repair his brain.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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