A few days ago I watched a movie called limitless. This guy would take this pill that would allow him to use 100% of his brain. He of course became rich.  Anyway….that movie is like my life in many ways. The moments of absolute clarity…the highs and the lows of such high states of mental activity etc. Basically the major difference is the drug. His was NTZ….mine was tarot cards. You’d have been hard pressed to catch me anywhere without my tarot cards. Up until a few weeks ago when I put them on the shelf.  Just as a man who is always on drugs misses out on the present…so does he/she who is hooked on tarot cards. I use them for clients obviously but I don’t need to know about the next minute anymore and I have run out of questions to ask. Probably 20 years I have carried my cards. I carried them because it was easier to do readings with the cards in a bar for example….where there are multiple distractions and vibes or on the hood of the police chiefs car…lol. Now like the guy in that movie….I feel limitless. I’ve always felt limitless but I feel…closer to limitless? Limitless is here….right here…right now.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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