Food 4 Thought: The Lowly Worm

Go outside and catch a worm. Look at that worm…notice how it is one of… if not the….  “lowliest” creatures on earth. Think about that. A worm is a lowly creature. A worm is very low in regards to evolution. Pretty much on the bottom of the food chain. Now think about the fact that when you die…you will be food for that lowly worms relatives? I pondered this paradox while fishing one day. That lowly worm and I….a king….share the same fate and even worse….I will be food for a lowly worm. Now of course I’m talking about the body because I …we are souls…we never die and of course you could be cremated etc. There is a cycle that is illuminated by the lowly worm.The cycle of life and death. The cycle of reincarnation.There is irony in the fact that we are inevitably “cut down” to the level of the lowly worm. Since my food comes from the earth..I may be eating his relatives….and mine too? What I’m saying is….contemplation of the lowly worm gives one a more comprehensive perspective on life…..this life.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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