Fighting Evil

No revolution can be won without the police and the army on your side. Now your side must be right. Your cause…..your truth must resonate with every persons soul…their core…deep down…regardless of their beliefs,attitudes or intentions. Still the victory is only by way of preparation. When the citizens see that it is time for revolution,they must begin to educate the policemen and soldiers they know about the reality of their society ( banks taking the land of the people,government continuously passing laws the people don’t want ….laws that give government more power and puts the citizen more in  slavery etc) and the sameness of their situation( future looking bleak). It is nothing more than earnest conversation with another member of the community. I posted on Facebook the other day that the people should ask real questions like where does the IRS get its authority? One person replied something like ” from the guns the cops got”… which I replied “true …but if the cops were to ask that question they might say “wait a minute….what is really going on here?” Those of you who see what’s going on all over the world….in your country…you know that it is evil. Teach the police and the soldier that “we need to get it right”. The common citizen shall fight evil by slaying it with the sword. Speak on it…..speak clearly….speak for real. Speak sooner than later.  Speak to prepare.Speak to soften the heart and awaken the mind. It is the mind that is the ultimate battlefield and the heart the ultimate victory.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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