Affected By Surrounding Influences

If you have ever owned an aquarium you might be able to comprehend the severity of this truism. You may be able to grasp the profound teaching in this particular writing. Now the weight of this statement easily and most always escapes the casual truth seeker but the earnest initiate will rejoice upon reading these words. The aquarium is the simplest example of affected by surrounding influences but it is not the best example I am sure. Nevertheless for teaching purposes I find that it works. Owners of aquariums know that if they put a rock here or a castle there the fish will adapt to whatever environment is created. All the fish knows is what is in that aquarium. The owner of that aquarium stands above looking down like a veritable God. Right….you understand the superficial lesson already…man is just like a fish in an aquarium. Simply a larger fish in a larger aquarium.  What escapes people is the larger ramifications and the greater details of affected by surrounding influences. Example: Your girlfriends girlfriend is having problems with her man…..soon you will have problems in your relationship. Example: A negative person enters a room and soon the entire room is filled with negativity. Example: Everyone loves Joe because he is always so cheerful. I am not even attempting to go into the thousands of other influences like gravity,technology,nature,astrology etc. Let alone the many deliberate manmade influencing devices such as marketing,propaganda,social sciences and political “machinery”. It is said that the good samaritan may have been a fool because….if they saw someone in a ditch they would help not understanding that whatever karma that person has will rub off on them? If a person has negative intentions when they give you a gift….the vibrations from the gift will eventually affect your environment perhaps causing an accident etc? Thoughts have weight and if you are trying to be something but everyone around you thinks a certain way about you or a certain way period…..their thoughts can hold you down? One of the most important achievements of the adept…or initiate is the complete understanding and filtering of surrounding influences because they also understand that he who does not take control of the surrounding influences is inevitably controlled by the surrounding influences.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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