Power Comes From Consciousness and Consciousness Comes From Power

Consciousness is like power. It is like power because like power it is uncontrollable. I know you’re asking yourself …how are they uncontrollable? I geuss I should tell you’ll a little about power. Power is something that builds up in man when he dedicates himself to proper spiritual disciplines. This power cannot readily be seen. Yet the careful observer can ” catch” a glimpse of it. Sometimes this power can be summoned but most times it appears out of nowhere…..nowhere deep within like an erupting volcanoe. This power sometimes brings a scream….a warriors cry. It comes from the combined effects of spiritual discipline and the constant expansion of the mind.It is uncontrollable. It cannot be stopped. Power may have you go to the toughest ghetto and tell every gangster there that you are his king. Yes I am speaking from experience. You will never ever believe the things you have done. That is why I began keeping a journal…to keep my sanity. After I told them that I was their king I got back into my car and I was Clark Kent….tripping…saying over and over…are you crazy? I could have easily been killed. You know what though? Every last one of those gangsters…..bowed down. So….power is uncontrollable and irresistible. It takes over you and the situation. Consciousness is also uncontrollable and irresistible. Some days when I read things my mind is although “quicker” than the average bear…..not  xtra ordinary. Some days I read things and I am like God in my perception and understanding. One day I was standing around talking with friends when all of a sudden I was a giant. I was looking down on my friends. Literally. They looked like ants. I remained quiet while in that state of consciousness and even though it freaked me out I had been prepared…so I said nothing.Then all of a sudden I was back to “normal” with my friends. There is my normal level of consciousness and there is a level I can get to when I want to and then there is a level of  consciousness that comes like lightening and lights up whatever it desires….whenever it desires and to what degree it desires. Power comes from consciousness and consciousness comes from power.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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