Poorer Than Poor

There is no shame if you are poor due to circumstances. Shame on you if you are poor in spirit. We know the global economy is in bad shape and we know there is mass unemployment and large scale foreclosures etc. Times are hard out here in these streets. The poor in spirit though are the ones that get under my skin. The person to whom nothing is possible. The person who is always telling somebody what they can’t do and who they are. The poor in spirit simply lives to pay bills and thinks its ok because that’s how everybody else does it. The poor in spirit can never see your successes….they can never be happy for your accomplishments. They want to believe you have a poor spirit too and that you are in the same position as they are. The poor in spirit have no plan to get rich nor do they even have the ambition. They attract bad luck and poverty like a moth to a flame. They along with other poor spirits get together in their spiritual poverty and comfort each other by rallying against the rich in spirit. The poor in spirit exist on a treadmill as an ignorant perpetual slave and no matter how much money goes through their hands they are always poor…poorer than poor.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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