There Is No Fool Like An American Fool

I be tripping on these American fools. Last night a woman said that the Muslims are killing Americans. I said that’s ridiculous.I am not a Muslim or Christian. I have no religion. I believe in God. So I asked the woman….have you ever seen Libyan soldiers marching down our streets? Pakistan? Iraq? I then said have you heard of any army since you have been alive….dropping bombs on America….killing women and children,wiping out entire communities etc? I said American soldiers are in all of these peoples streets daily. America is dropping bombs on the regular. They are the only ones who have ever dropped an atomic bomb. These are world class murderers…America. Killing millions of people everyday since I was born. This is a fact. Then these American fools wonder why everyone hates them. These American fools will have the audacity to get mad if someone talks about this murdering ass government. The American fool has had 44 presidents and today they are on the brink of economic collapse….something like 1 out of every five children is starving and these American fools are on Facebook waiting for the next fake election. There is no fool like an American fool.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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