Message From The Master

Teaching someone spirituality is like teaching a virgin what sex feels like. It is impossible.I can tell my story in hopes that  you gain insight into your own journey and I can teach you spiritual disciplines etc. to assist your spiritual development but you will still not understand. Just as a caterpillar cannot know what its like to be an eagle neither can a man know what its like to be a God. If you need a security clearance to get top secret information from a devilish government….how can you expect to gain entrance into the grand architects cabinet without background checks,the successful completion of spiritual tests and tasks and years of service etc? Higher knowledge…deep spiritual truths…..the kind that gives the gift of power cannot even be imparted with words let alone received. Language is man’s domain but the spiritual kingdom speaks to the heart. The spiritual kingdom speaks to the soul and since it speaks to the soul…only the old soul has enough experience to fathom its directives. You could study religion,philosophy or whatever your entire life and never grasp the surface of real knowledge because real knowledge does not exist on your plane. Like occult knowledge is only for a select few…the initiate and adept… is Gods Kingdom.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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