The Like Button: The Symbol of Our Times

Sitting here listening to some of my music…letting the lyrics fall into place in my head while I simultaneously ponder society and social networks.The like button on Facebook should be the symbol for our day and times. You must forgive me if I seem to get too deep…that is my nature. When a man becomes a man he puts away childish things. Now the like button is ingenious no doubt about it. It allows people to express a feeling about something. It can show support or belief in or I’m sure a variety of sentiments…all positive of course. It also allows for polling,testing,understanding of the individual doing the clicking. Not so positive if the observations are done by a government or social scientists for example. Still the reason it should be the symbol of our day and times is because of its psychology. There is something odd about clicking a like button on a screen. On a social network the like button creates all kinds of insanity and personality disorders. It creates illusions and delusions. It like tv moves the being into a space where they are absent from… being. Likes become value oriented causing schizophrenia, paranoia and competition. Likes become a reward for particular lines of thought Pavlovs dogs.All the people that think this way line up over here…”like”  is the symbol of being displaced from reality.It is the symbol for how easily sheeple are herded and it is the “revealer” of their true intelligence. Like is the symbol of reality tv stars,American idol,who wants to be a millionaire etc. It is the symbol of a culture that lives in insanity and a culture that is extremely comfortable with insanity. The narcotic of choice in this insane asylum is the like button. So…be careful…use the like button wisely.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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