911: Infamy,Irony and Ignorance

My heart goes out to those who lost someone….I feel your pain. 911 is infamous of course because of the near 3000 lives lost in the dramatic attack on the trade center,pentagon etc. None can deny that people died. It is ironic because America murders 3000 people all over the world on a daily basis. It is ignorance because the American government wants us to believe that a handful of ” Muslims” took over some airplanes and got past all our defense mechanisms to  hit the pentagon? Now symbolically the pentagon represents Americas strength….
it is the heart of American power. The trade center is the symbol of American wealth? So…the “enemy” strikes the military and financial heart of our culture and today we are watching the steelers get crushed by the ravens while simultaneously paying tribute to the 911 victims? What I’m saying is…if America was attacked by an enemy…..it was not an enemy with a standing army..and if a handful of amateurs can do this to America…..then all over the world…leaders with their armies would be lining up to take their turn because if you are able to strike a countries symbols of wealth and power like what happened on 911…then you have already won. Yet the supreme ignorance is seen when one examines the “facts”…..some things are beyond ridiculous. I won’t go into them all but let’s just say that if you live in Cleveland and your house catches on fire….you are not going to call the Toledo fire department (which is basically what our air defense did) and if you are talking to some kindergarten children and you are told that your family is under attack…..you will not continue to read to the children ( which is what our president did). There is a lot of ridiculousness and absurdity to be discovered if one conducts their own serious minded investigation. One of these American bills…I’m not sure which one ( $5,$10,$20 bill?)…but if you fold it a certain way…you can see twin towers burning? So…in closing I will say…. 911 victims……do your loved ones justice and hold your own government accountable….at the very least….they are guilty of negligence.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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