America: Land of the Fee…Home of the Slave

The other day I stopped to get air in my tire….cost me a dollar. Then I get my bank statement and see that they charge me a dollar a month to hold onto my money. Once I was short and paid a bill and the bank charged me $35.00 for insufficient funds. The bill that I paid didn’t get paid so I was in a hole deeper than when I began. ATM machines charge me $2 – $3 to get my own money to put in my own pocket. There is a fee for everything….everywhere. I’m talking fees….not bills. If you look at your phone bill….cable bill….you will see fees. You get your bill which includes fees. Taxes are fees. You Got so many fees you realize you ain’t free? It is the ultimate pyramid scheme…this American system of finance. The average citizen is kept on a treadmill of drudgery…working continuously just to maintain. Seems like someone has calculated to perfection exactly how much to pay an indentured servant to keep him 3 degrees above a bum. You know it….how often it seems as though you take 1 step forward with your finances and then you’re set back 2. You know that you are only a paycheck or two away from homelessness and poverty. I get no paycheck but I used to. Regardless…this grand ponzi scheme affects us all. One of the most ridiculous and stupefied events I have ever seen  was the government bailing out the banks….at your expense I might add. Then they tacked on a fee or two at your bank didn’t they? Got credit? They get every dime back that they give you one way or another. You just have their permission to use their capital to get you some plastic things to impress people you don’t like? There is no slave like a happy slave. Welcome to America….land of the fee…..home of the slave.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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