The Mockery of Democracy

First of all you must know that I am obviously in favor of a monarchy. England runs America and so in reality there is no democracy in America. This reality….that in reality there is no democracy in America should be fresh in many minds due to the execution of Mr. Troy Davis. I do not think it is even possible to have a country that is run via democracy. Although America looks like it is a democracy simply because congress/presidents can do nothing…. which is what happens in a democracy because of its inherit absurdity….a bunch of fools getting together trying to make decisions.We’re talking Greek tragedy irony here. Who doesn’t know that George Bush took the government…then laughed in our face for years. The queens ( England ) cousin or something Bush is. I remember when Bill Clinton…a president…said “that depends on what is is”….that was truly mind blowing for me. These American fools even had a movie hero as president. Reagan was not only an actor….he was the greatest sponsor for corporations with his tv commercials even before he became president? I told you…we’re talking Greek tragedy irony here. Obama neatly gift wrapped trillions for the bankers. The people cried treason but the government did it anyway.It is extremely difficult to remain sane knowing these realities….play acting like you don’t know like everybody else… some pavlovian trance….waiting for the next cue to trigger our behavior. The behavior triggered is actually automatic. It is setup within the system itself. Doctors work for drug companies.Drug companies work for the government and visa versa to keep the citizen happy in this brave new world. Police work for the courts and the states and they work for the government. They all work together…to support each other in madness. Police write more tickets so the state has more money to pay the police and the courts etc. Lawyers get in on the pyramid scheme also….and insurance companies etc. They all turn a blind eye to the insanity of the system mainly just to put food on the table. This so called democracy in America creates criminals. It breeds greed and callousness. It is responsible for deliriously happy children above the age of 35. Give me a wise king to rule the land any day because democracy is surely a fallacy.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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