Where The Hell Am I and What The Hell Is Going On

I just finished a book on subliminal seduction that said that every square inch of a playboy magazine centerfold is embedded with the word sex? Every square inch of her body? Damn…the woman is fine…..and naked…..why you gotta mess with my mind? I mean isn’t a naked woman enough to arouse a normal man? They even embedded the word sex in the bed spread and curtains…..they got a woman having sex with a dog hidden and embedded in the lamp shade. They got the words fuck and bitch hidden in the pillow cases. This is standard advertising procedure in America.Not only for playboy magazines…but cars,cigarettes,toothpaste…everything….everywhere. I mean…damn man.Where the hell am I and what the hell is going on? I stayed up late the other day and decided to watch ABC World News….at first I thought it was entertainment tonight because they were talking about Ashton Kutcher having problems with his wife because of some alleged affair? Then they showed an old lady biting a little kid on the back..in the back of a school bus. The anchors…1 male 1 female were laughing and joking….I was tripping….I was sitting there with my mouth wide open thinking this is world news tonight…. where the hell am I and what the hell is going on? 


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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