X Factor: Democracy On Display

X factor is a microcosm of a democracy. A democracy in full effect for the world to see. You can understand democracy simply by observing this show. You can see how the judges ( congress i.e.) begin slowly to reveal personal agendas. You can see how in a democracy they cannot even agree on what is a rock and roll song. You can see how they begin to turn against each other and you can see them try to sabotage each other. Finally you can see how the show ( democracy ) becomes about them ( judges,congress etc ) instead of the contestants ( the people ). You can see the absurdity of voting..( or as I like to call it…hoping and wishing ). Fools gold.  You can see that in the end…no one really cares about the truth. Oh say…..can you see? – The King


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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