Facebook: A Second Look

Today I got on Facebook and I sat there strolling through the posts with my jaw dropped…. mouth wide open. All I could think was… this is like the Jerry Springer show. I just sat there in stunned silence realizing that I was in a kind of kindergarten for adults. A complainers paradise and a dreamers heaven. A play school… one of those places where you drop your kids off when you go to work. You know where they have all kinds of “activities” to keep the children occupied? Yeah adults have been occupying wall street and the children have been occupied via Facebook and google etc. I’m not saying that it is all bad…. I’m just saying what it is. Psychologically these social networks provide a large dose of escapism via a uniformly agreed upon illusion of doing nothing but pretending it is something. Surely the passing of information is doing something but fish in an aquarium can pass information all day but they are never getting out of that aquarium? It is sufficient for sheeple to talk about it…(obviously some kind of psychological release)… to complain about the boss then get up bright and early every day for more of the same. Social networks organize the collective consciousness into an even more defined and “localized” consciousness… like a central computer. I think it will be extremely difficult for anyone to accomplish anything of lasting value if they remain on social networks. I could almost say that most of those who spend all day on social networks are those who will gather only superficial nutrients and the endless day by day, minute by minute infecting of each other with all kinds of mental diseases and spiritual uncleanliness. So… in closing I will say this : Birds of a feather flock together. Social networks are a double edged sword given to psychotic children. They make the under achiever equal with the over achiever… the worthy equal with the unworthy and this is unnatural. Could this be a cleverly orchestrated and manipulated genocide of the human intellect? Freedom has an aspect to it that requires one to break away from the flock… to break away from the collective consciousness. If everyone was evolved then the social networks and the collective consciousness would truly be grand but everyone is not evolved. So…. if social networks give even more structure and cohesiveness to the collective consciousness then that is extremely dangerous because the collective consciousness is a savage beast. I may post periodically due to boredom etc but I am now detached. Moving into 2012. Moving into reality.  Long live The King.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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