The Twiwhite Zone

Imagine waking up in the Twiwhite Zone.  Imagine being black and waking up in the Twiwhite Zone.  I am what society calls a “black man” although I don’t feel like a black man. I mean I am mental… I am super intelligent. My mind is not able to grasp a human being as a color. I am able to grasp the fact that man is a perfect biological robot in every sense of the word and I am able to read the future with prolific frequency and Godlike accuracy. I am able to influence the weather and the world simply by tuning in…but I have never experienced anything like the Twiwhite Zone. In the Twiwhite Zone I see racist subliminalls in my favorite television shows….. in commercials also. All day 24/7 I see an unthinkable, unimaginable and unmistakable war waged against little old me.  Since I am super intelligent one day I sat down and recorded an hour of a radio show. “Black” people music of course. I recorded the entire hour and then I played it back and  recorded every single word by hand. I recorded each song that was played and each commercial that was played and when I read it back I saw the subliminal message loud and clear. The message said “bomb the ghetto”. So… I understood that in the Twiwhite Zone “black” people are under non stop subliminal programming and conditioning. I conducted this experiment with a “white” people music station and found that this programming and conditioning is not exclusive. “White” people just get uplifting subliminalls all day.  They also get the “superiority complex” continually reinforced (subliminally) . Today many are somewhat aware of this technological system of manipulation and mind control but they cannot imagine the degree to which this occurs because robots cannot enter the Twiwhite Zone. The Twiwhite Zone is where the elites exist. Up on high as veritable God’s directing society…. determining when to cause riots, when to cause revolutions, when to cause a race war, famines, depressions etc. They simply turn up the frequency on tvs, computers, radios etc and broadcast whatever is desired into the unsuspecting citizen… whenever they desire. Mind control is perfected in the Twiwhite Zone but there are many other systems of control that are being perfected…simply because the elite are sadistic. It is easy to send soldiers off to die because the elite do not view them as human. They view the masses as perfect biological robots. The elite have become God’s on earth… creating dumber and dumber citizens. The elite have perfected the art of creating a perfect biological robot.  Welcome to the Twiwhite Zone.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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