Justin Bieber and The Youth Oriented Culture

The Youth oriented star (culture) is by design.The constant listening to these type of stars lowers the personal vibration to the level of where these type of stars are. Justin Bieber for example has had no pain…he has no wisdom? He is not a man? He is a child?  If you look at the music industry today…  if you look at what you are fed musically via mainstream you might comprehend the idea of American Idol, X Factor etc. .. the cookie cutter singer.  Singers transfer what they are to you. It matters not that they sing good or not. What matters is what they transfer and they can only transfer what they are. A child can only transfer childlike “energy” or their experiences etc.  A woman can only transfer female “energy ” etc. Therefore the child singers and the cookie cutter singers contribute unwittingly to the containment and the maintenance of a childlike society. It is either the children cookie cutter singer or the criminal gangsta (nursery rhyming) rapper. Both of which are detrimental to a society that is about evolution but if society wants to keep the citizens ignorant and childlike… the music will be like it is today…. what it is today. It is no coincidence the lack of men seen in the mainstream music industry. It is also not because the youth is what drives sales as you have been led to believe. It is because a man and his music will raise more men and believe me when I say…. those who run the world do not want to see a grown man in a position of influence like that of a superstar. The over emphasis on female singers and the male child singers is deliberate and scientifically calculated to psychologically emasculate societies men. You are fed what is acceptable to/by the elite for the elites own purposes and no thinking individual will deny this ever so simple truth.  Merry Christmas.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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