2012: I’m Here For You

Some psychics specialize in talking to dead people. Some specialize in ghosts. I have always been and always will be scientific. I have no religion…. no beliefs… no doubts. Before I render my verdict… and it very well could be exactly that.. a verdict… on 2012 I want to tell you a story. A true story. I was in the army but I was what is called short… meaning that I was counting the days until I was once again a civilian. I was offered another stripe to stay in but I had already given them almost 7 years and that was enough for me. One day I met this older guys who took a liking to me…. a strange liking. Whenever he saw me he would break his neck getting to me and if it was in a club he’d offer me drinks… the bowling alley he’d offer me pizza…. then he would say ” I’m here for you… you need to talk to my mother”.  I thought his behavior extremely odd and discomforting so one day I told him that he was strange. I asked him what the hell was going on. I told him I was not gay. I had assumed homosexuality was the reason for his insane worship. He said he was married to a woman in my battalion. Either way he was freaking me out so I tried to avoid him. One day I had to go see my commander and this strange guy was sitting at the bowling alley on a picnic bench. He yelled ” they’re not going to see you”. I said they just called and told me to come up.  He said it again..? “they’re not going to see you… they will be standing at the top of the stairs and they will tell you to come back later”. He said they will be talking about a party.  I said yeah… ok… thinking to myself that this guy is a nut. When I entered the building I saw the captain at the top of the steps talking to the 1st sergeant about a party. He looked at me and told me to come back later. I went over to the strange guy and asked how did he know that? He said “you need to talk to my mother…. I’m here for you”. I got upset and called him crazy. I said “what the hell do I need to talk to your mother for and why do you keep saying you’re here for me”?  I told him I didn’t want to talk to him again and I turned to leave… he said “you can’t see can you? ” I said see what you crazy fuck? There were 2 bottles of beer on the table. He looked at me in a way that made me hesitate…. then he said ” if you knock one of those beers over… which way will the beer go? ” I snapped at him… man I’m out…. you’re a crazy sob. He said answer the question. I said down hill fool. Gravity will take the beer down hill. He said “who told you that? ”  I began to leave again and he said “knock it over. ” I knocked it over and the beer began to flow down the table.  I said later for you. He said “you can’t see that? ” I was furious but as I looked closer….I saw that the beer had begun to defy the laws of physics. I fell down in shock. He laughed and I said “let’s go call your mother. ”  She was in the states and I was in Europe. She said “hello Marques…you have a bird that talks right? ” I got that bird that morning and noone knew… yet she knew. She said Marques… God wants you to sing. ” The next day I got a recording contract. Today I overstand that the strange guy was indeed there for me….. his king. OK…  I began to keep a journal and the first sentence I wrote was ” God is going to destroy this world. ”  Now I live in Ohio and I have never heard of an earthquake in Ohio but I felt one the other day. Birds have fallen out of the sky again to begin 2012 and I felt the earthquake on the last day of 2011. Scientifically and astrologically I can see this world being destroyed. Spiritually I can see this world being destroyed but I can also see that we have a chance. We have a chance because some of us will assist in that decision. Some of us will render verdicts. I’m here for you?


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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