Free Will : Yeah Right

Nothing is free. Even freedom has a price. I am constantly amused by the human condition. Especially their so called intelligence. I have a beautiful dog named Tiger. My last dog was a rottweiler named Jesus.  I used to get up every morning and say “Jesus… come “… I’ll never forget the day the minister told me that my dog (Jesus) ran up behind him and took his chicken sandwich. Even now it makes me chuckle. I have never laughed as hard as I did that day. I have been in mosques and churches where I told them that I was God. Each time they threw me out. Yes…. that is funny to me also. Although at the time I momentarily feared for my life. You see I have paid the price for free will. I have paid the price for freedom. I used to think that freedom was the most important thing but I came to understand that free will is more important than freedom and if freedom has a price then free will is priceless.  You see… humans do not know freedom or free will. If they did they would be a God. The human being is a peculiar creature. He is a creature that is caught in a cycle of perpetual ignorance. He is psychotic, violent, suicidal, greedy and  extremely ignorant. Each new device he creates hastens his own demise and while he believes he is getting closer to freedom….closer to becoming God…. he is unwittingly becoming even more of a slave… and not just a slave but a robot. He speaks volumes but his words have no weight…. no context… no reality. He is an arrogant fool jumping for joy with each new toy… each new toy that he really doesn’t even understand. He thinks his inventions are the products of his own intelligence. How else would God ( a being (s) higher than man) usurp his slaves efforts than to make him think that he has free will? Look around. Do you think animals have free will? Don’t you know that man is an animal? Oh yeah…man thinks he’s special. He is by far more of a slave than any wild animal. If man has free will then what is enlightenment? Every thing man does…. everything man thinks is already written. Man is nothing. Free will… the operative word is “will”. Will is power. Will allows one to cause floods or tsunamis etc (with his mind… his will). Will is the ability to manifest ones desires. You know… to will something into existence like God?  So called conscious people running around talking about “the power is within…. manifest whatever”etc… these children really think that if someone discovered the power within they’d be concerned with manifesting a relationship or some earthly kind of success? Such is the state of affairs for the so called human. They are equipped with brains but no minds and this is one of their scientific facts…Lol? I could fill volumes breaking down the divine comedy called life on earth.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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