The Mask of Death

Everyone wears a mask and everyone knows that everyone everyone wears a mask. I call it The Mask of Death. This mask is chosen by each individual and each individual clings to their respective mask like it was the air they breathe. Some people let go of their masks on their deathbed but they were really already dead. After a few years the mask takes over like in science fiction movies and the real person is lost forever. The mask will kill to prevent the real person from ever resurfacing. The mask tells people that their government will make it alright in the end. The mask tells them to talk about the latest movie or celebrity while the real person inside knows they are in imminent danger of drowning in debt or being buried alive with bills etc. The mask hides the fact that the human being is one of the lowliest creatures in the universe and it causes him to commit all sorts of outrageous atrocities. The mask always shows others a lie… an acceptable lie. The mask and the real person take up the exact same space yet many people never see their mask. The mask has many friends that empower its narcissism such as material goods, status, titles, etc… but the real person knows that in the grand scheme of things they are nothing and they see the mask as certain death. Imagine living an entire lifetime in a bubble only to realize the bubble was in reality and prison. We got fake lips, eyes, hair, breasts , assess and who knows what else? Fake is the norm. The mask is the norm. Don’t like the fact that you’re a man you can become a woman. I have no problem with that. My problem is with the mask. Sometimes it is nice to meet and greet a real person. Sometimes it is nice to have a meaningful conversation with a real person but if you remove the mask you will find that the real person has died long ago. All that remains is a rhetoric spouting robot. Spouting great quotes and affirmations that have no bearing on reality. They cannot comprehend that a heart transplant is the same as changing the battery in a car or that a new leg is just the changing of a tire on a car. The mask has hidden the meaning of life. The mask in reality is a mask of Death.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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