Let There Be Light

Sitting here listening to music for my chakras…. still feeling the bliss from todays meditation. Innocent and amazed as always…grateful and humble as always. LIFE . This thing called life…. the most paradoxical and radical idea ever conceived. I used to do a meditation called ” the think away”. You begin with your toes and simply think them away as if they no longer exist. Then you move to your feet and think them away. Then your ankles, legs and on until you think away the head. If successful in this particular meditation one will be left with pure mind in absolute silence and darkness. The earth was void?… and God said “let there be light”.  You notice how there are all these police shows, court shows, hospital shows etc on television? You got Law and Order, CSI, NCIS ,COPS , Judge Judy , American Justice , House, E. R.,Homeland Security and on and on… right?  The tv creates reality and the tv screen maintains reality… but not absolute reality… the reality that someone created and controls. When you close your eyes you see darkness. This darkness (in meditation, metaphysics, and magic) is simply a screen for the mind to create… to project and protect absolute reality. The images we see all day define our reality…. our temporal and terrestrial reality. So does the collective consciousness. If the collective consciousness sees law and order shows, images etc all day everyday this becomes reality. What came first… the chicken or the egg? One thing is certain…. the chicken can crush or nurture the egg? You are gods ( just as a caterpillar is a butterfly) and God is God (just as your children are you)? You must project on the screen of creation the images…the reality that you wish to see… collectively… since you have not evolved as a species…since you are still caterpillars on the road. You must see riot police throwing down their shields and weapons. You must see the world full of love and peace. You must see the world full of bliss and harmony… with abundance of fruits… agricultural, material and spiritual… for everyone?  Lao Tzu said that a world vision held in the mind of an evolved individual helps bring that vision into reality. He is correct. You must think away the body until you are nothing but the mind. Then collectively you must hold the image of a harmonious planet on the dark screen of creation until manifestation. The earth was void and dark and God said ” Let there be light”.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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