Happy Presidents Day : Fuck That

Why would you celebrate criminals who have given away your jobs (therefore your manhood), taken away your rights and bankrupted your country? What good is a president? Perhaps he is good at helping other countries and destroying shit everywhere. A politician is a liar period. A president is a politician? Do the math if you still can. Everything in this country… America… is a scam… a scheme… a gimmick… a trick…. a lie. The justice system… a scam. The financial system…a scam. The health sector… a scam.The IRS… The Federal Reserve Bank.. The entire political arena….  scams. The whole foundation of America is based on lies. America is built on sand and any good storm will wash it away. Look at all the raindrops they call occupy protesters. It just keeps on raining. Raining truth… raining anger. If it wasn’t for our wonderful educational system  (scam) and CNN etc … (all the government controlled news and other media… which are scams as well…) we’d already have a tsunami.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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