Human Being/Being Human

To be or not to be.Who said that man was a human being? I will begin by stating that man is not. How many of you are able to understand? Did you know that you are a mere product that is sold on the stock market like cheap drugs? Used on social networking sites like fools? To be or not to be. Let’s break that down. To be. To be what? To be nothing. Simply to be. Now what is to be? To be is to exist. To exist is to have consciousness. To have consciousness is to have life. What is life? To me… Life is having the ability to actualize fully whatever ones consciousness is able to imagine. To me thought is life. The ability to truly think is the benchmark…the hallmark… of life. To be human? Well… what is human? Websters dictionary defines human simply as: “of, relating to or typical of man”. So?!  What is man? Once again Websters dictionary : “adult or fully grown male; the human race regardless of sex”. So?! What is a human being? Human being is not in this dictionary I am using… so… let’s look up robot. Robot: “a machine that is capable of performing human duties”. OK.. a machine that can do what man does? Now of course you will say “there are somethings a machine can’t do and that is what separates a human being from a robot”. Now I do not and cannot deny that truth but I can say that unless a human is being human there is no difference between man and robot? Therefore the difference between man and robot is simply being? If a robot is being a robot it is a robot. If a man is being a man he is not necessarily a human being … since man only means a male of the species? Being is the operative word. Now tell me… how does one be human? Be humane? Humane: “to be marked by compassion, sympathy or consideration of other people or animals”. WTF?!  That’s it? To have compassion? To consider others? Dogs do that? People do not? Social experiments have shown again and again the true nature of humanity. Why is 1out of every 5 people starving? Why are there millions homeless? Why are there wars? Why are there protests and revolutions all over the world even as we speak? Yeah …. I could go on for days proving that man is not a human being. He may be human, which is simply a name or label which in reality means nothing. If we look around we can certainly and easily see that man is not being human (humane) and since he is not being human (humane) he is not a human being. Now I could get into the psychology, biology, astrology and every other g (sciences) to prove that man is not a human being but since I have already made it plain… I rest my case.  – The King


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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