Teach The Soldier and The Policeman

Teach The Soldier and The Policeman

Ok…. now most of us by now see clearly that we are under attack by our very own governments. We can see clearly the police morphing into the military. We can see clearly the police state manifesting right before ours. We can see clearly the numerous laws which have made people scared to give their neighbor a tomato from their garden and scared to speak freely on the web etc. The natural course of events is obvious as well. We know as we watch citizens around the world that one day the revolution will knock on our door. My advice to the citizen is this: One day the tanks will come. The policeman and the soldier will be faced with following orders or having compassion. I advise you to teach the soldier and the policeman the absurdity of the situation. If you can make a video of injustices in Uganda go viral then you can make a video that speaks to the policeman and the soldier go viral.If you know police talk to them about common sense issues. Tell the soldier that we can have peace on earth if they want to? You see… it doesn’t matter if the tanks come… because surely they will come. It matters what they do when they get here?  – The King


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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