Don’t Focus On The Negative… But Check It Out

Everyone says don’t focus on the negative… I say that is not necessarily wise. Perhaps not focusing on the negative is correct but it is not wise? It is not complete… it is not whole. It conveys the message “stay away.. don’t think about the negative ” and therein lies the critical error. Focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative produces half of an understanding and half of an experience….half of a life. I think about death sometimes. I do not focus on it but I think about it. I contemplate it. Once I sat at a grave yard for hours and meditated on death. I studied and researched everything I could on death. I did this to understand death.I did this to defeat death. Of course this is only for the great (attempts to defeat death). What I’m saying is that contemplating the negative produces sublime bliss because one begins to understand the whole? Sometimes this is extremely painful but like I said it is only for the great.  Contemplating death makes life so much more powerful… so much more profound and beautiful. It gives one a profound sense of gratitude and respect for everything in the world. A man who makes his death his friend gets more out of life sitting in a chair than one who never contemplates his death yet travels the globe? My point: Holy is whole ly.  – The King


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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