Life Is A Gamble

Life is a gamble.Yes…life is like a game of chance.You’re born a boy or a girl by chance correct? Did you choose? Perhaps.As you know I recently did a psychic fair at a casino.I have 7 engagements there this month.It was my first psychic fair and my first casino.The casino atmosphere had me momentarily mesmerized.I stood a few steps from the entrance viewing the neon lights and the throngs of busy gaming people.It was a sight to behold.A kalaidoscope of brilliant sights and sounds.I stood there thinking “all of these people…all of these slot machines and card games etc…all about money”.A sight to behold indeed.I hear talk about a Racino coming to Ohio.Horse racing also.If fate makes it so…. I may end up doing a few more more articles on casinos and my experiences as a happy go lucky spiritual master.I need money too.Gotta eat.Need shoes etc. Anyway…I saw on the local news the other day that the people who are trying to build this casino have been dealing with red tape,legal issues etc. The news said that they bought the land a few days ago which shows that they are indeed serious.Personally at this moment in time I don’t know the ramifications of a new casino on the state,city,community etc.I would have to study the research on this particular phenomena and observe my own experiences, psychological examinations and communications while in that environment.BP and fracking in Ohio…in my opinion…is gambling too but some seem to think it is a cheap card game when in reality it’s more like a very expensive russian roulette.We have already seen what BP did in the gulf and now they are in Ohio feeling adventurous.We’ve already had mini earthquakes due to drilling.No one knows if they’ll cause a major earthquake by accident or spill chemicals into our water system but it appears that the state legislatures are willing to gamble with our lives.Yes…life is a gamble. Especially if you don’t make the laws.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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