Transformers: Not What You’d Think Even If You Could

So…I see these cars coming out that park themselves? While on the surface this may seem wonderful…in reality this is extremely dangerous.Our supreme gullibility and laziness is disgusting.New cellphones that talk but no cure for cancer. Super thin tvs that can double as computer monitors but millions of children starving and homeless. Soon all the cars will park and even drive themselves and just as the mind loses its ability to add and subtract due to prolonged use of calculators so is the critical thinking faculty of man being lost. Not only the critical thinking faculty but the basic thinking faculty. Surely there are some who have retained the critical thinking faculty but as time and technology progresses there will be less and less who have the ability to think…truly think.I am reminded of the CSI tv series where everyone ( viewers) thinks they are intelligent when all I see is a person pushing a button while a computer tells them everything? One day technology will do everything for man and then there will be no need for thought. Man is being transformed into a robot and he isn’t even aware of it. He cannot think already.Technology is not only stealing his consciousness,his intelligence and his ability to use his mind….it is also turning him cold,selfish,rude and incapable of real relations. The citizens are trading their consciousness for ease and pleasure. They are trading their “humanness” for plastic and metal.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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