Fuck Abraham Lincoln

I see there is a new movie coming out called “Lincoln”. Obviously it is about president Lincoln. Obviously there will be slaves. Obviously the white man ( the ones that are racist and have power) is up to his old tricks. Yeah….last Saturday on SNL they did a racist ass skit on Lincoln and the subliminal was “Lincoln should have been killed because he messed up our way of life”. I found the entire show to be racist. Racism has exploded since the presidential election. Subliminal racism must be at an all time high. Even the night of the election I was watching the subliminal racist messages coming at me like bats out of hell. There was a stretch of commercials on msnbc (Brian Williams) that blatantly said ( subliminally) ” It doesn’t really matter….we own the voting machines and we’ll make Romney the president. Relax….we got this”. I believe Romney was going to win (by default….meaning that he’s white) but either too many complaints about rigging the machines,closing and moving polling stations,ridiculous wait times etc etc called too much attention to the country to give it to Romney or there was some divine intervention that decided not tonight you don’t. We also know that the elections were being monitored by outside sources and that could have well been the reason Romney lost.They even ran a commercial on MSNBC of a new sitcom that has a white president? 1600 Penn. It comes on Jan. 10th. It would have been right on schedule for a Romney (white man ) presidency.They ran this before Obama won and while Romney was in the lead with so called electoral votes.It was fixed.Is it a conspiracy? Hell yeah. Of course it is.Romney owned some of the voting machines? Matter of fact the Romney camp accidentally launched a victory website after the election was over?Matter of fact just yesterday I saw an article that said Romney is the president? Still? Now you say but we have a black president.I say no we don’t. We have a half black and half white president.The important half (womb) being white.I mean he’s still in the bloodline.He is a cousin of Dick Cheney.He is a tool.Why he won again I’m not sure yet.Perhaps since the minorities have become/will become the majority,the elite feel that they can get more evil things past the citizens under the guise of “our guy won”.The “not the same old status quo won so it’ll be different mentality” from the ever so predictable masses can be counted on as sure as rain in April. Obama could certainly,quietly and effectively lead black people right back into slavery.All elections are theatre.All elections are grand productions designed to give the unsuspecting citizen the illusion of participation.I don’t believe in santa clause,elections or presidents.Old white guys (mostly republican i’d guess) were acting like it was the end of the world because Obama won.They know damn well that Obama came from the womb of a white woman.That couldn’t have been the real issue and it wasn’t.It was because they knew that if Obama won they couldn’t be so blatant with the racism and they fixed it to assure victory but somehow they still lost.It was because they had it fixed but something went wrong.Yeah…..they had it fixed.That’s why Romney didn’t have a speech prepared.He knew that he would win.He said it.That’s why Karl Rove couldn’t accept the results he was getting and started trying to find ways that it could be wrong.No….Obama couldn’t have won.Rush Limbaugh and all the old white guys that are racist are tripping.Talking about they have lost the country.The escalation of racist subliminals via the television tells me that is not entirely the case or perhaps it is and this bombardment of racial subliminals is a last ditch effort.I say fuck Abraham Lincoln because I don’t want to hear about no damn slavery and I don’t want to see no damn slavery. I don’t want to talk about slavery and I don’t want to think about slavery. Also I know better. Will I have to endure the movie “roots” again as well? Fuck that.Some of us didn’t come from Africa and some of us were never slaves. History is his story but I got a story too.Some of us were here already. We were called Moors.As a matter of fact the lady who came to my house with the census put Moorish King as my nationality.I don’t accept his story.Fuck Abraham Lincoln.Fuck the past.They could never make me believe that I come from slaves.What will this movie achieve other than reinforcing white peoples superiority complex and directing some of them to wish for,work for and be prepared for the return of slavery? The unspoken truth is that regardless how poor financially a country becomes….if it has slaves then it really isn’t poor. I mean….the currancy will be slave labor.The other day (just before the election)a woman from the Obama camp stopped by here to get me registered to vote.I told her that I didn’t believe in presidents.Black or white.I know that the majority of America wants to move beyond race.They want to reach new horizons.Nevertheless those with the power need white people and black people at each others throats. Divide and conquer has been the game for years.People are awakening to the political manipulations.Fuck Abraham Lincoln.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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