My Country Continually Shames Me

My country is upside down and ass backwards.Chief James Wickham told CBS Sacramento: “The goal is to start managing the homeless population within our city.Those are the ones we really don’t want in our city and that we’re trying to keep from camping in our city.” How about we don’t want homelessness because no person should be homeless in 2012? Stats say there are 18.5 million vacant homes in America and 3.5 million homeless people.What’s wrong with this picture?Americas response to social problems reveals a mindset that is totally illogical and cruel by nature.Where is the compassion? Where is the humanity?I remember reading a story about people being arrested because they fed too many homeless people.They were only (by law?) allowed to feed 25 people but they fed 40 people and were arrested.Arrested for feeding too many homeless people? I’ve seen the police come into homeless camps in the woods and destroy their tents? My country would rather turn an already hurting person into a criminal (if they can’t hide them and sometimes even if they can hide them) than to truly help them.You never heard Obama or Romney mention homelessness did you? They spent 60 billion dollars on the 2012 election…over 40 million each in Ohio alone but not a peep about homelessness in this country.Sick.My country continually brings me shame and if you are not ashamed you are not informed.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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