Come Get To This

I miss music like this. Yeah…I’m longing for music like this. Think I’ll sing this myself. Come get to this. I’ll be right back with our crazy modern world but take a second with me…..hit the play button before you continue reading….close your eyes….listen to this cut. Smooth ain’t it? This is the kind of music when done right…live….can you make you cry? This is the kind of song that can move a person. This is the type of old school jam that touches you in places modern music cannot. Yeah….we need this type of music more than you know. Thanks Marvin. This song is brilliant.  Of course Marvin had the most famous baddest band of all time (The  Funk Brothers) play this music. While “Let’s Get It On” was the title of the album and probably the most well-known song off of the album “Come Get To This” in my opinion is indeed the masterpiece. Ok….I’ll put up some Sandy Hook food for thought in a minute.


About The King

I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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