The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

I have a personal experience which I can say opened my eyes to much of this that is in the video. I was living in Europe at the time.  I had got into the habit of watching the “foreign” news and then watching the news back in the states. I began to notice minor discrepancies in what was being reported where I was in Europe and what was being reported in America.  These minor discrepancies began to become major discrepancies and then they became utterly outrageous. I saw with my own eyes : Every country in Europe ban a drug which was said to be causing brain damage in the citizens. Then I watched the FDA approve this very same drug for Americans. I saw this occur the very next day! The FDA approved a drug for American citizens that every country in Europe banned and they did it the very next day. I cannot express what I felt when the absolute reality hit me square in the face. The first thing I did when I got back to America was to go to the library and get a book on speed reading to test my theory that I was dumbed down from birth.  I was. We were. You were. After 20 minutes with the speed reading book my reading speed doubled from 300 words per minute to a whopping 600 words per minute. The ramifications are staggering…….


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I am a psychic,astrologer,author and artist.

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  1. King! I must say I believe in what u are saying. If we as black Asiatic people read more…listen to people like yourself tell thier stories and theories. ..we would learn so much about how we have been duked by the whiteman for centuries… and the more you learn and know about our history the angrier it will make us! So thank you king for putting out truth and knowledge.. hope our people are prepared for things they didnt know…and get prepared for whats to come!

    • Thanks for the reply. Black people are indeed in a precarious and perilous situation yet this particular post(as a matter of fact my entire blog) is about/for the global community. The human race is my first concern. It is my pleasure to put forth knowledge and it is my job. If the need arises to address racial issues I shall do so in a very dynamic manner. Once again…thanks for the reply. Have a great weekend!

    • Your welcome king…in a big way! Also I must add to that post…when I said the more we as black get into our history. And really study our history…our past…and how the wool was pulled over our eyes…not only will it make you angry….it

      • I guess I must add this: I am the greatest man to ever live. I am a God. Black people are pitiful ass slaves and they are pitiful ass slaves of their own desire and creations at this stage of the game. The thing that makes me mad is that I the greatest man to ever live has to be lumped in with those pitiful ass slaves.

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