Mind Control Manipulation Of Mainstream Music

I already knew much of what he talked about and some is a little too much of a stretch for me but there were some things that were very interesting and some things that I didn’t know. Overall this is an enjoyable and enlightening perspective from this UK based radio and club dj  (Mark Devlin) about the mainstream music industry.


What the Royal Family Doesn’t Want YOU To See! Zion King ~ Part 1

Beat The Devil

10 minute video of James Brown beating the devil at his own game. Kind of like what I’m doing but without the selling of the soul? – The King

Royal Family and UK Government Pedophiles Exposed

Google this: US6506148B2

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Elvis Presley code name; Pheonix MKULTRA 1955 to present.

The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

History News Network | The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics.

The New Age Movement: To Nowhere

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I don’t like the ” new age movement”. I mean the idea of the movement is great but the delivery of the message always leaves me dry. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about all the clichés that are thrown around by people who consider themselves to be on a spiritual journey. Clichés like ” feel the light” or “all you have to do is believe ” or “raise your vibration” etc etc etc. Now these statements may be and pretty much are indeed true but they are like everything in the modern world. Incomplete. They are incomplete and like a piano without keys they are useless. Just slogans like “change you can believe in”. Empty words from many many eons ago that used to have real meaning. Spirituality and the occult go hand in hand. One cannot know how to raise their vibrations regardless of how much they have read or how many youtube videos they have watched unless and until they have been initiated into the occult. They can only understand from the position of where they are. I find these dry words to be almost anti productive because from what I see….these empty words only produce empty parrots that have never been tried and have never been through the spiritual fire. These clichés make it easy for any mentally deficient individual to appear as someone that is spiritual and perhaps even enlightened. Yet the reality is that without an initiation into the occult and without going through the spiritual fire of suffering and suffering consciously one is simply in the bullshit business. While it is true that there are some with different degrees of knowledge and skill…the new age movement has produced thousands of pseudo psychics and astrologers and all different kinds of utopian philosophers preaching half truths and getting wealthy with absolutely no experience in the matter of spirituality. I have a good rule of thumb for the people when they are looking for a spiritual teacher. The first question a seeker should ask is: So…. Can you tell me about your suffering?



My first true meditation was probably the scariest thing I have ever done. In the beginning it was scary as hell just trying to meditate. My mind would become completely black and I would get the sensation that I ( my mind) was flying through absolute darkness for miles and miles and eventually I would always come to this place where I knew that if I kept going I would go over a cliff and that kept me horrified for a long time. I tried many forms of meditation. Strangely but not really …I was taught meditation by a piano teacher. One day I had the notion to try piano lessons. I was in Europe at the time. Somehow the instructor and I got away from the piano and into meditation? I mean she put me through a ritual with blessings etc. You know all the pomp and circumstance that a dramatic and very significant event should have I suppose. I remember she had me come to her place and she had the candles going and meditation music and there was this big ass sunflower. I found that sunflower to be intriguing for some reason. I forgot what she told me the sunflower meant. Anyway…she told me that what I was about to be taught was called transcendental meditation. This is the meditation that I use today. I later did some research and discovered that there had been studies and tests done on this particular type of meditation. Results showed mind blowing differences in students intelligence after a few months of this type of meditation. Now I’m not 100% certain this is exactly what I was taught. I do believe it is close to what I was taught. It had the same name. Transcendental meditation. I assume ( yeah I know) that what I was taught… only someone who was where I was at the time in their spiritual journey would receive. I mean…it was meant that a piano teacher would teach me meditation? She never taught me piano? I have been teaching myself piano (finally) for the last 2 years. I was given a special word to chant and think about. This special word is what I’m not sure if others would receive or not because of the occult. The art of this particular type of meditation is not to try to stop or control the thoughts but to simply witness them. To let them flow and simply observe them. The word given was used as an anchor to bring one back if they drifted to far into thought. The word reminded one that they were meditating and it acted as the tonal center. Probably after a few months I didn’t chant so much verbally as mentally. Today I rarely if ever chant verbally. So….I noticed that after receiving this teaching on meditation I could feel that something was indeed happening with me internally. I used to be extremely afraid in my attempts to meditate because of the darkness and that cliff. I would always come out of it sweating and shaking when I reached that cliff because that cliff was like death and at the time I feared it greatly. After doing this new form of meditation for a while I noticed my courage growing and I swore that one day I’d go over that cliff. Today I realize that even while my mind was being hurled through that darkness (space) I was indeed in some degree of meditation. Even before I met the piano teacher. I never counted it as meditation though. It to me was like going to the store at 2 am in the middle of gang territory. You’re not at the store until you get there. In my mind I wasn’t in meditation until I let myself fall off of that cliff into that forevermore darkness? Meditation to me was what happened the day I went over that cliff. I used to have nightmares about what was beyond that cliff and I’d awake petrified. Now….understand: I never saw a cliff? I only sensed a cliff. I sensed that if I traveled any further I’d plunge over a cliff into even greater darkness. Yes….believe it when I say that my very first experience of meditation was probably the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. I once sat at a train stop awaiting the command to end it all just to prove my willingness and worthiness to go beyond? I have been in initiations where I thought I would die and I gave up my life willingly. Alas they were only tests and they were never as scary as that cliff. Eventually I went over. It surely was another moment for me…in this lifetime….where I literally died. So….I am writing this post so that my fellow meditators understand that they should not try to restrict their thoughts in any way during meditation. Only observe them. Witness them. In this way we can discuss and experiment and grow. If you are trying not to have thoughts during meditation….you are doing it wrong. Just choose a word as your “anchor” and let the thoughts flow freely while gently saying or thinking your anchor word. OM will do for now. In our group discussions I am your anchor. Now there have been many articles written on the benefits of meditation so I will not list the many benefits available. I will mention 2 major and most important benefits. 1. Meditation is the bridge to God and God consciousness. 2. Meditation disrupts the Matrix. Without meditation the impossible will always be impossible. Before I end I will give you another excellent meditation to do on your own. It is called “The Think away”. Sit in a chair that allows you to sit straight. Close your eyes. Place your hands on your lap and touch the thumbs of each hand with the pointer finger of each hand and begin to think away your body parts. Think away the feet. Think away the ankle and calves. Think away the knees. Do this until you reach and think away the head. If successful you will become pure mind in an ocean of black space. This is how you travel. The cliff is a landmark. If you get there you have accomplished a great deed.

Voting: The Grand Illusion

King of The World
Thoreau said that voting was like games of chance. Any person that is honest with themselves must admit that Thoreau hit the nail on the head. I have contemplated the grand illusion myself and I must say that voting is satisfying only to those who cannot think or those who desire not to burden themselves with thinking. I must admit that is a lot of people. You see voting gives the illusion of participation so people are psychologically comforted. When they leave the voting booths they feel patriotic and they feel like they have done something of value but the reality is that they have done nothing. You ever hear someone say ” if you didn’t vote you can’t say anything”? I always find that to be hilarious. I don’t vote and that’s precisely the reason I can say something! After George Bush what kind of person can still believe in voting? The reality is : Voting is like games of chance because you do not follow your vote to make sure it goes where you want it to. Nor do you really care. It is only the illusion that matters. Every year you hear about votes being lost. Thousands of absentee ballots not counted…and this is what they straight up tell you. Every year. One election year I saw on the news that they found duffel bags full of votes laying off the side of the highway? Yeah…if they can’t throw them away then they’ll invent the super delegates and the super commitees etc and they always have the electoral college etc etc…lol. Not to mention how they have cleverly gotten rid of the paper ballot ( which could be traced and recounted) and replaced them with easily hacked and controlled machines http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/04/meet-the-e-voting-machine-so-easy-to-hack-it-will-take-your-breath-away/ and not to mention the redistricting game http://redistrictinggame.org/ and not to mention that if I give you 2 pair of jeans and say “choose a pair.. Bush or Clinton”…you really didn’t choose anything. I chose 2 pair of jeans ( candidates) and then gave them to you to choose 1. I could have chosen any 2 pair but YOU REALLY DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE DID YOU? No….you had the choice given to you which in reality was no choice at all. Regardless of all that insanity….here is more: Do you know any candidate that you vote for? Do you know Obama? Hillary? Do you personally know any of the candidates that you so willingly and foolishly give your life too? Have you ever sat down and had a conversation with any of those people you chose to rule over you? I don’t even know how it is possible to vote for or against someone you don’t really know? Yeah….it’s absurd. Ever thought about it? Obviously not.

“I am a cook in the US Senate but I still need food stamps to feed my children” Wednesday 22 April 2015 http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/apr/22/i-am-a-cook-in-the-us-senate-but-i-still-need-food-stamps-to-feed-my-children

What can be said? If these people don’t care about the person that cooks their food….what in the world makes you think they care about you? Idiocracy! They made over 40,000 laws the year before last so they could keep the prisons full and I don’t know how many laws they made last year? You have had 44 presidents and today you are on the verge of economic collapse. They sent your jobs overseas and barely want to give you minimum wage.You are on the verge of race wars and 1 out of 5 children are starving and they are making laws to put homeless people in jail while the bankers who created many of those homeless people got bonuses and you are still voting just as proud as can be. What the hell are you proud of? That your children are going to grow up without privacy and rights? That they will be dumber than a bag of rocks even after voluntary becoming debtor slaves just to get an education that won’t get them a good job? You have nothing to be proud of concerning voting. You should actually be ashamed. The presidency was just about finished after GWB and they knew it so they had to try something new. I mean something new other than another 911. Hence a so called black president to fool the masses into thinking something might have changed. That trick worked for a few years until the people realized that Obama and Bush are related in every possible way. They have 1 trick left now to stave off revolution and that is Hillary. Yeah…a woman. The black man trick bought them some time to get things in order for when they come to get you for the fema camps etc. Next Hillary will buy them some more time to put the finishing touches on the new world order in which your slavery becomes visible and in your face. They may not even need her to win. Just the distraction of a manipulated and false hope (1st woman president and false in the belief that presidents wield the power ) may be enough since we can clearly see the police have already been militarized and unleashed on the citizen. Since we can clearly see Jade Helm 15 etc as we speak. Let it be known that I give no man authority over me. Let it be known that I vote for no presidents and I participate in no games that have been set up for children. I am the greatest man in this world. There is none for me to vote for. I am not a member of the masses. I am a individual. A living, breathing, thinking individual. Sovereign. Slogans don’t move me. Leaders don’t run for office. Leaders are too busy leading. I have no handler because I cannot be handled. You cannot package me and sell me to the masses like a bag of chips. I could never be “politically correct”. I could never be a managed man. Only a public that is devoid of intelligence votes for managed men and only managed men (and women) run for office. Ain’t that a bitch? Now….if I haven’t made it clear enough perhaps a comedian can speak to you better than I.

George Carlen: Why I don’t Vote https://youtu.be/qxsQ7jJJcEA

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