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David Bowie Warns : Google IS Illuminati! & Danger’s of the 5g Roll-Out!


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Technology Absorbs Human Conscioussness

Cellphones…usage of these devices require far more research,study and analytical inquiry into the effects on human beings.Since I am attuned to subtlety and since I periodically “remove myself” ” from this world”… I am able to perceive a persons subtle,psychological and behavioral shifts when they have their cell phone in hand.First and probably most obvious to me is that it makes people think they are important and powerful. It is a status symbol. In essence the person “becomes their cellphone?” Their identity is subtly,psychologically inextricably tied up in their cellphone. Is what I’m saying important? Yes! The psychological and behavioral shift is what is important because this shift is towards the robotic and away from conciousness.Over time this shift becomes permanent. Technology absorbs our consciousness. Consciousness is what makes us “human”.Technology is absorbing our consciousness. The day will come when technology has absorbed all the humans consciousness and that day….humans will be the robots and the robots( technology) will be closer to human than humans are to human. Future generations will gradually move this shift more and more towards the robotic (technology) and actually begin life closer to a robot than each preceding generation….I can foresee (without psychic ability)…the day when man shall become a robot and all the science fiction stories will come to pass (robots taking over). Honestly… the robots have already taken over but I hope that some can be reached. Now I am not anti cellphone…not at all…I’m just expressing my concern about what I see. The bible says “they will become as that they worship”. I overstand that this is technology. Cellphones being at the front of a revolution in not just technology…but in consciousness and that is what is important.

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