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I Am Jesus Christ SuperStar

Hello, people….we are living in crucial times. Our technology as Einstein feared is surpassing our human interaction. Nowhere is this more important, more critical, than with music. Years of autotune, electronic dance music,  sampling,  rap and an industry that feeds us cookie cutter music and personalities, etc., has severed a spiritual bond between man and heaven and I believe we are on the precipice of becoming the robot with the artificial intelligence we have been trying to create. I also believe what Dan Akroyd  (Blues Brothers 2000) said. He said ” turn your backs and you snuff out the fragile candle of Blues, R&B and Soul. When those flames expire, the light of the world is extinguished because the music which has moved mankind for decades will wither and die from abandonment and neglect “. What the elite fear most is a truly independent and intelligent artist. Let’s give them what they fear. Join me in this epic battle between good and evil. Join the revolution. I know that I am able to help lift humanity and help carry us through these times, which are about to be upon us. Help me help us all.  Click the link to go to my Patreon page.

Beat The Devil

10 minute video of James Brown beating the devil at his own game. Kind of like what I’m doing but without the selling of the soul? – The King

Soul Survivor – The James Brown Story

James Brown is my favorite artist of all time. My favorite song of all time is a toss-up between ” Cold Sweat” and ” The Boss”. Both by James Brown.  “The Boss” is my ringtone. Finding this video was special to me. Very special.  Brought me great joy and a very welcome “satisfaction”….

Come Get To This

I miss music like this. Yeah…I’m longing for music like this. Think I’ll sing this myself. Come get to this. I’ll be right back with our crazy modern world but take a second with me…..hit the play button before you continue reading….close your eyes….listen to this cut. Smooth ain’t it? This is the kind of music when done right…live….can you make you cry? This is the kind of song that can move a person. This is the type of old school jam that touches you in places modern music cannot. Yeah….we need this type of music more than you know. Thanks Marvin. This song is brilliant.  Of course Marvin had the most famous baddest band of all time (The  Funk Brothers) play this music. While “Let’s Get It On” was the title of the album and probably the most well-known song off of the album “Come Get To This” in my opinion is indeed the masterpiece. Ok….I’ll put up some Sandy Hook food for thought in a minute.

Tribute To James Brown: The Godfather of Soul

On Saturday, September 17,, The GRAMMY Museum (L.A.) will unveil the opening of “Say It Loud: The Genius of James Brown”. The exhibit will focus on James Brown as the “Godfather of Soul” – blazing a trail in American music by blending gospel, pop and soul as well as show Brown’s role as a trendsetter in both fashion and dance. The exhibit will also illustrate how Brown used his music and celebrity to positively impact the Civil Rights Movement and race relations of the 1960’s. Brown’s daughter, Deanna Brown will make a special appearance in celebration of the unveiling of her father’s exhibit. Bringing together a collection of diverse artifacts, rare photographs and more, the exhibit features items from the private collection of the Brown family. “I am humbled about this very deserving exhibit on my father. I truly appreciate the efforts of the GRAMMY Museum”, say Brown-Thomas. “The exhibit speaks volumes about the life and career of my father by showcasing many different aspects of his life both personal and professional. If he were here; he would thank God for this opportunity, as it will be viewed by his fans from all over the world and especially the youth who will experience the genius of James Brown and his explosive and positive impact on the music industry”. The “Say it Loud: The Genius of James Brown” will display a variety of items ranging from Stage costumes worn by Brown, including one of his signature capes, early albums, rare photographs of Brown both on and off stage, handwritten lyrics, ticket stubs, concert posters, tour books and fan memorabilia to name a few.  Brown also expressed,“Dad always talked about the importance of clean music and how he constantly encouraged young artists to ‘keep it clean for Mama’. May those who visit the exhibit be enlightened and inspired by the Soul of America’s music, my father, ‘The Godfather of Soul’, Mr. James Brown.”

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