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A man that becomes a president is a man that is not qualified to lead the people. Leaders don’t run for office, and as long as the masses believe they do….the world will never change.

Some of you’ll been voting for years and tell me what have you got? You got fake food, fake news, fake money, fake healthcare, fake education and fakebook.- The King

Death By Doctor

TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, food as medicine or natural healing

TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, food as medicine or natural healing

TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, food as medicine or natural healing.

The Truthseeker: U.S. Is The Worst Place To Live.

If these statistics are true and I personally believe that they are…..they reveal a big time scandal. Time to wake up America. I do not wake up each day and try to find bad news about my country. I wake up everyday and try to find truth. I’m a truth seeker. It’s just a damn shame that the truth I uncover always shows my country in such a negative light. Wake up America. You are leading the world to hell.

Why Are Trace Chemicals Showing Up in Umbilical Cord Blood?

Why Are Trace Chemicals Showing Up in Umbilical Cord Blood?: Scientific American.

War on Health: FDAs Cult of Tyranny (Trailer)

When I lived in Europe I watched the whole of Europe ban a drug that was causing brain damage in the citizens. Then I watched the FDA approve this same drug for American citizens. Fact. Truth.

The Healing of The Paralyzed Man pt. 4

One thing I didn’t mention in pt.3 was that the communication I had while going over the paralyzed mans name was a communication from another plane…another dimension. What I wrote in my journal but not in my post was ” my first communication with superiors”. Now I supposed it was God who “spoke ” to me but only because “God” is what I know. What I am absolutely certain of is the fact that someone or something from someplace other than earth….gave me “direction”….to uncover the secrets of the paralyzed mans name. Someone or something…allowed me for the first time on that particular level to “witness” their reality……I was allowed to communicate with a higher being without a doubt. I call it God but I cannot be sure? It could have been an angel? It could have been an alien? I call it God because that is all I know. All of my life…I have been “communicating” with something higher. All of my life I have been communicated to…by..something higher…higher than man. I fully understood at the moment….with absolute clarity…that I was in contact with a higher being.So….I began work on the paralyzed man. I would face him towards the sun each morning….I began applying special oils to specific areas at specific times (astrological times). Basically what I was doing was increasing certain energies and reducing others. I was giving him new birth dates for each procedure. Birth dates that were beneficial to the desired end…which was healing him. Now these oils were beautiful. Beautiful on so many levels. I used to take a bottle of these oils and scan a persons body and diagnose them on the spot. I got so good I could have someone close their eyes and tell me the color they saw and immediately give them a diagnosis. I was combining all my tools and skills and I became very very good. So good that I knew that I could revolutionize the healing arts. Now the paralyzed man and I had a problem and that was communication. So I began to take his hand and put my dice in his palm…then I would turn his wrist and let the dice fall on the table…( he had a little table on his wheelchair like babies have on their “high chairs). I recorded meticulously every turn of the dice. Then I would go home and study it. This is the way my second breakthrough came. One night I realized that he was indeed communicating with me through my dice. I communicated with a paralyzed man…a man who could not speak my language…using the science of astrology. The healing picked up then because his soul began to tell me what he needed.

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