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Half Of All Jobs Today Will Disappear By 2030 And Other Scary Predictions

Half Of All Jobs Today Will Disappear By 2030 And Other Scary Predictions – Careers Articles.


Stupidity- Full Movie

I’ve been in this place lately where all I can think about is how stupid the human race is as a whole. I will never forget the study that came out a few months ago stating that American high school seniors are reading at the level of a 5th grader. My reality is simply that 9.99 times out of 10 I am talking to a 5th grader regardless of age. Such a sad sad reality.

Social Networks : Dumb and Dumber

I get bored pretty quick on the social networks.I decided long ago that facebook was a complainers paradise and a nursery school for children.I took my talents to Google.I’ve been on google for a few months now and at first I enjoyed it but just like facebook in a split second the entire platform dumbed itself down. The 5th graders come out in full force and the entire platform degenerates into something that becomes painful for me to observe. I must get away. My mind begins to get sucked into the mediocre…into the ignorant and useless. I must get away and reclaim my mental superiority and dignity. Anytime there is a collective mass mind platform it can only degenerate.It may not degenerate for google as far as business is concerned but it definitly degenerates for the real thinking person. The real thinking person will begin to notice that things begin to repeat and they will begin to notice silliness and emptiness. The thinker begins to realize the emptiness of technology and he begins to understand that a 5th grader with a gun is still a 5th grader and that’s precisely what makes it painful to observe.The collective consciousness of the masses is painful at times for a thinking person. In many ways social networks are like a democracy and like a democracy mediocrity is king. I see people posting a picture of a piece of chocolate candy and get 85 likes or 234 plusses and then you see a post where the president pushes for indefinite detention of all citizens without a trial and there is 2 or 3 likes or plusses and ….maybe …maybe 1 share? If you go on a social networking site with intelligence you are pretty much in the wrong place.Intelligence disrupts the feel good mentality of the mediocre. Intelligence is a severe threat to the 5th grade masses illusory self esteem.On social networks if you post things of an intellectual nature the masses will soon start posting things saying “stay away from negative people”. At first the psychology of the masses is amusing but after a while it becomes a pain.In my country everything is dumb and dumber.Science,medicine,education,music and on and on.Social networks in my opinion reveal the mediocrity of nations.They reveal the ignorance of citizens and the apathy of slaves.Social networks are the saving grace of the great pretenders.Very few individuals are thinking on social networks.Most are posting things that others say and write etc and they ignorantly post these things thinking that this illusory technique of passing information is a form of intelligence. You do not have to agree with what I’m saying. I’m speaking for myself when I say that a superior intellect cannot remain on social networks for long periods of time or he/she will be sucked into the matrix of mediocrity and blissful ignorance. Conversation with robots soon become redundant and boring. So far I still recognize Google to have more “mature and intelligent” members than Facebook and I do see the positive for using social networks to advertise ones business but I can also see that as time goes on Google will devolve as well because it is not the platforms that makes the people stupid.Most of them are stupid before they get to a social networking site.A blog is the saving grace for a thinking person.Whenever I reach the point where it is painful to go to facebook or google I turn to my blog.The Throne.Thank you God. Long Live The King!

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