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How We Enslave Ourselves

A man that becomes a president is a man that is not qualified to lead the people. Leaders don’t run for office, and as long as the masses believe they do….the world will never change.

Some of you’ll been voting for years and tell me what have you got? You got fake food, fake news, fake money, fake healthcare, fake education and fakebook.- The King

The New Age Movement: To Nowhere

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I don’t like the ” new age movement”. I mean the idea of the movement is great but the delivery of the message always leaves me dry. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about all the clichés that are thrown around by people who consider themselves to be on a spiritual journey. Clichés like ” feel the light” or “all you have to do is believe ” or “raise your vibration” etc etc etc. Now these statements may be and pretty much are indeed true but they are like everything in the modern world. Incomplete. They are incomplete and like a piano without keys they are useless. Just slogans like “change you can believe in”. Empty words from many many eons ago that used to have real meaning. Spirituality and the occult go hand in hand. One cannot know how to raise their vibrations regardless of how much they have read or how many youtube videos they have watched unless and until they have been initiated into the occult. They can only understand from the position of where they are. I find these dry words to be almost anti productive because from what I see….these empty words only produce empty parrots that have never been tried and have never been through the spiritual fire. These clichés make it easy for any mentally deficient individual to appear as someone that is spiritual and perhaps even enlightened. Yet the reality is that without an initiation into the occult and without going through the spiritual fire of suffering and suffering consciously one is simply in the bullshit business. While it is true that there are some with different degrees of knowledge and skill…the new age movement has produced thousands of pseudo psychics and astrologers and all different kinds of utopian philosophers preaching half truths and getting wealthy with absolutely no experience in the matter of spirituality. I have a good rule of thumb for the people when they are looking for a spiritual teacher. The first question a seeker should ask is: So…. Can you tell me about your suffering?

Bruce Lee Ping Pong

This is impressive. Bruce Lee reveals some true mastery and not by fighting but by playing ping pong. Incredible skill and accuracy.

Happy Holidays

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My Book

These are the views of a professional psychic on society,government etc. This book is brutal in its piercing analysis of society and its citizens. It is filled with deep spiritual wisdom and truth. No one can read this book and remain the same. Click on image to buy.Instant download! $4.99

I Used To Be You

Just because you are dumber than dirt does that means I have to be? Just because you praise celebrities, politicians and dead figures of old do I have to? Why are you so dumb that you cannot comprehend that like Einstein said ” its not that he was so smart it is because you are so stupid “. I know this to be a fact. I know that I am greater the Einstein. Sometimes I don’t feel like being nice and I want to tell you to kiss my ass. Sometimes I just sit and observe posts in Facebook etc and I am horrified by what I see and what I see is not what you see. If I say I see retards you will get angry because I’m talking about you. If I say I see robots you will get mad because I’m talking about you. You can laugh, dismiss or ridicule etc whatever I say but I cannot be other than what I am. I am the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth. I don’t know how I’m still alive… only God knows. I am too great for this robot world. You cannot contain me with your group think… your television mentality, your miseducated non mind. You are dumber than dirt and I want you know. You exist in a state of non reality. You have no depth. You are not real. I know that the words you are not real hasn’t the proper meaning to you because your attention span is not long enough to grasp the horror this statement contains . I know you will never comprehend the reality I see. Try not to be angry and try to understand where I am coming from. I love you and I must speak this truth. The tears flow because I know the truth about you. I know because I used to be you. – The King

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