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A man that becomes a president is a man that is not qualified to lead the people. Leaders don’t run for office, and as long as the masses believe they do….the world will never change.

Some of you’ll been voting for years and tell me what have you got? You got fake food, fake news, fake money, fake healthcare, fake education and fakebook.- The King

Do You See What I See?

Poor Us: an animated history – Why Poverty?

14 Secret Services For The Wealthy – Business Insider

14 Secret Services For The Wealthy – Business Insider.

Thousands in Ohio too poor to pay debts, jailed with no trial

Do You See What I See?

The King of America

Earlier today I was out and about when I noticed this old man sitting at a corner on a light post as I and a lady friend drove by. We were taking a kerosene heater to have a new wick put in it. The company that repairs heaters etc. used to be right down the street from my house but they recently had to move due to overhead expenses becoming to much to handle. So we had to find their new location.Took about 30 minutes. When we returned to that area where I saw the old man … I saw the old man sitting in the same spot still.I mentioned to the girl I was with that “that old dude has got to be cold”. We decided to give him a ride. He had a cane,2 large bags and a bucket that was full of “stuff”. There was no way that he could walk with a cane and carry all that stuff he had. He had us drop him off in a trailer park near an abandoned building and said “I can keep somethings in there. That’s like my storage unit”. It became obvious then that he was homeless. I wished I could do more for him but he was happy that he got a ride. He was happy that he was in a better position than he was 10 minutes ago. He was happy that someone was kind no doubt. I saw it in his face how much he appreciated that simple act of humanity. He beamed with a smile that said “thank you for helping me but most of all thank you for not judging me and for treating me as an equal regardless of my appearance”. He shocked me when we shook hands and he spoke my name. It took a moment for me to realize that he had heard my lady friend call my name. When he said “Marques” there was a sincerity that I heard in his voice that really moved me. I really wished I could have done more. Goddamn homelessness. Goddamn government. When we left I saw another guy on another corner holding a sign that said “honk for liberty” so I honked twice and kept going. At the next corner there was another guy! A young fella standing with a sign also! His sign said ” father of two…”  I didn’t catch the rest of it but I think it said “willing to work?” My point with this recap of my day out and about is to say : A lot of people don’t see like I see but what I saw today was profound and it was not nice? America is in deep trouble.

Powerball and Poverty: Such Strange Irony

Check this out people. They are telling us that we may go over the fiscal cliff while simultaneously telling us that someone may win almost a half billion dollars? At Christmas time? According to the latest statistics I saw,1 out of every 5 people are hungry in America. Hungry? No food? Tell me fellow citizens of the world…are we truly this ignorant? Are we truly this selfish and ruthless? I’m watching the non stop coverage of the powerball lottery. Almost a half billion to win. To win? What country operates like this? How is this justified? Does this seem right to you? How many people could be fed with that money?How many people could be housed and clothed? Where is common sense today? Where is wisdom? Show me wisdom somewhere. Anywhere. No…don’t show me science or technology. Don’t show me new discoveries. Show me common sense. Show me simplicity. Show me decency. Show me compassion. Show me courage. Show me love. Not 1 virtue can be seen throughout the land.- The King

My Country Continually Shames Me

My country is upside down and ass backwards.Chief James Wickham told CBS Sacramento: “The goal is to start managing the homeless population within our city.Those are the ones we really don’t want in our city and that we’re trying to keep from camping in our city.” How about we don’t want homelessness because no person should be homeless in 2012? Stats say there are 18.5 million vacant homes in America and 3.5 million homeless people.What’s wrong with this picture?Americas response to social problems reveals a mindset that is totally illogical and cruel by nature.Where is the compassion? Where is the humanity?I remember reading a story about people being arrested because they fed too many homeless people.They were only (by law?) allowed to feed 25 people but they fed 40 people and were arrested.Arrested for feeding too many homeless people? I’ve seen the police come into homeless camps in the woods and destroy their tents? My country would rather turn an already hurting person into a criminal (if they can’t hide them and sometimes even if they can hide them) than to truly help them.You never heard Obama or Romney mention homelessness did you? They spent 60 billion dollars on the 2012 election…over 40 million each in Ohio alone but not a peep about homelessness in this country.Sick.My country continually brings me shame and if you are not ashamed you are not informed.

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