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How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It

Watching this in its entirety with an open mind is sure to bring tears.


Wag The Dog

I remember watching this movie about 10 years ago. Think about this video for a moment. It is very profound.

The Boston Bombing Manhunt: A Psychological Operation Conducted On American Citizens

300px-PSYOPpics Yesterday I watched a Psychological Operation on tv? I watched 9,000 police plus the FBI,DEA,ATF,SWAT and the U.S. Army corner one 19 year old boy. They went into peoples homes with military weapons and gear searching for this young boy. They locked down an entire town? Isn’t that martial law? All businesses had to shutdown also. I watched for hours amused by the different stories that kept surfacing. He’s dead. No he’s alive. We heard there is a fire. No there isn’t a fire. Believe it or not where I am they interrupted the news coverage of a this grand manhunt to make sure we got to see the drawing of the lottery.Finally I told those that would listen not to pay any attention to the media. I told them that a tv anchor news person should be viewed like we view lawyers and politicians….i.e. with great skepticism. I told them that those people whose job it is to be in front of the camera and report the news are not stable. I told them ” they (news reporters/journalists) these days are nothing but story tellers and that they have more stories than crack heads”. The operation was a success because as the thousands of state sponsored police etc began to leave the crowd clapped proudly for their captors? Yeah that’s right. They just don’t know it yet? They don’t get it? They don’t understand that they were violated. They didn’t understand that they were clapping and thanking law enforcement for coming into their homes with artillery etc and for telling them like children that they could not go out of the house and finally for showing their children their future? Did you guys watch the manhunt? Any thoughts about what you saw?

What is a Psychological Operation?

The Truthseeker: U.S. Is The Worst Place To Live.

If these statistics are true and I personally believe that they are…..they reveal a big time scandal. Time to wake up America. I do not wake up each day and try to find bad news about my country. I wake up everyday and try to find truth. I’m a truth seeker. It’s just a damn shame that the truth I uncover always shows my country in such a negative light. Wake up America. You are leading the world to hell.

Propaganda – Full North Korean Documentary

The Great Global Warming Swindle

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