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The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

History News Network | The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics.


Watch “Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial”

Hip Hop : The Death of The Civil Rights Movement

First of all let me say that I acknowledge my personal bias due to the generation gap. Nevertheless….when a people begin calling themselves (with pride I might add) what the world knows is a derogatory term….then they are saying to the world that they have no respect for their ancestors, their race or themselves. No race does this except the “black man”. Do you think it is coincidence that he is still on the bottom of society? No Chinese person calls themselves a chink. White people do not refer to themselves as cracker.Yet the black man calls himself nigger? In his infantile mind he thinks he is circumventing  the brutal reality of his position in society but honestly he is only digging a deeper grave. The black man is a confused creature. He will praise MLK and Malcolm X and in the same sentence he will call himself a nigger? Was Malcolm a nigger black man? MLK?  Hip Hop is the main promoter of this insanity. This mental and physical suicide is made “hip” by hip hop. The gold chains,sagging pants,ebonics,oversized rims etc…all the sick children of  the sick children of hip hop. All designed to antagonize other races and destroy the gains made by the civil rights movement. So….black man….do not blame others for your continued ignorance. Blame yourself.

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