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Is It My Ego Or Is It Yours

If Jesus came to earth and said ” I am the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth””….would that be ego? I find that most often when we speak of ego…we are talking about someone else’s ego but really it is our ego and we don’t know it? What I mean is this: If I say ” I am the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth”….many will be offended and say that I am arrogant and crazy etc but in reality it is they who are arrogant and crazy. Honestly…how arrogant and crazy is it that I cannot be what and who I say I am? It is they who have the ego because like Jesus or any spiritually evolved individual ..I may be speaking my simple truth. Without ego. Their ego tells them that my ego is speaking but in reality….it is their ego that cannot accept my statement because ego is competitive, petty and jealous? Oh…the ways of wisdom. When a person begins to evolve….they are beaten down by the very forces of nature and the universe itself (trials and tribulations) until the person cannot even raise their head without consciously acknowledging that they have indeed been beaten into submission and their own smallness and even nothingness is truly and completely understood. In this way the ego is subjugated to compassion, righteousness and the spiritual path. – The King The Master Logo


Witnessing papal history changes with digital age

In 2013 the people watch the screens on their devices rather than watching the “live” event? This is real deep. The top photo is from 2005 and the bottom photo is 2013. The pope stuff I could care less about but the people watching a screen instead of what’s real is like a horror movie? Like one of those flicks where the whole town is in a trance….under some spell or something. Machines taking over is what I honestly see. Yep…these pictures reveal that something is terribly wrong. If you’re wondering why I said that read the article I wrote on Technology here:

Witnessing papal history changes with digital age – PhotoBlog.

Long Live The King!

BlibgxBlingxlogo  James 1:12  Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

Revelations 3:21 The one who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne.

Revelations 21:5 And  he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.

Happy Holidays

Don’t forget : a psychic reading by The King makes a wonderful christmas present. You can always click on the “arrange” call button (upper right corner above the newspaper article) or click the newspaper article to go to my site and order readings,charts etc. Hope everyone enjoys the holidays and I wish you all a happy new year.

The Healing of The Paralyzed Man pt.3

I began to get him out of bed and put him in the wheelchair every morning and then back into bed at night. In between I studied. The first breakthrough was dramatic to say the least. I had been at my desk all night studying his birthchart and his numerical analysis but I couldn’t “pick up on anything”…then I rearranged his name into whatever words my intuition and intelligence could form (out of the letters in his name) (lexigramming) because I knew that “our story” is hidden in our name. Here I will quote directly from my journal: ” I got 31 words from his name…about to begin #32 and realized this is the number of communication…I look at word #31 and it says “ready”…word #28 says “read”. I felt understanding…I feel like I’m about to find the answer…I feel “zeal” which is word number 30…I’m spiraling…I must study these words,therein lies the answer. 8 pm: #22 says “belt”…22 is “submission and Caution”… word #23 is “all”… word#16 is “delete”….I shall delete all from the word delete to the word all. The Answer Appears! Bladder burns,please release,trade now,learn later. There could be a piece of metal in his head…..asbestos! He needs to be bald and “release” oil applied to the scalp and a violet over blue oil for the bladder applied to the solar plexus.The next morning I asked her if her husband ever had asbestos poisoning. She was blown away. She said he got asbestos poisoning which led to a blood clot in his head and while he was in the hospital…doctors removed part of his brain without even asking her.Obviously my ” knowing” about the asbestos got around town in record speed. My dice said that what I was doing had ” entered the mass consciousness.” From my journal: ” he had a blood clot in his head and they operated on him….removing the higher mind….which man does not use anyway. He has his logical,analytical…his lower mind. Therefore there is a way to “reprogram” him.” I wondered if I could create or bring back his higher mind…..I wondered if I could repair his brain.

The Healing of The Paralyzed Man : pt. 2

The next day the old lady came back again…as I’d hoped.I had thought about her and her husband all night.I had also come to realize…finally…what my entire life had been leading up to.The strange circumstances in which my abode came to be,the odd fact that this old lady came to me….a foreigner…a “blacK man”,….all of my initiations (masons,shriners,army etc.),all of the sciences and arts (astrology,numerology,healing,tarot etc.),all of my trials and tribulations came full circle and I knew what I was…and …what I was…at that moment in time…supposed to do.Yes…I had been “prepared” (psychically,intellectually,spiritually) to heal that man.So…I told the old lady that she didn’t have to climb those stairs anymore when she needed me.I ran a string from her kitchen window to mine and attached a bell.I told her to just pull on the string and I will come up.I was in a foreign land and I couldn’t speak the language so I was lucky that the old lady spoke english.Her husband did not.I got all the information I needed from her.I got his birth information so I could cast his birthchart and a numerical analysis.I can say that at that time…excited cannot do justice to what I felt…knowing I was about to begin a journey through another mans mind…knowing that I was living the story of Jesus Christ.I remember experiencing a sublime joy and profound gratitude.God was finally moving and I could see it.I could touch it.This glorious transcendental opportunity to learn…oh…dear God.When I first got out of the army fate put me next door to a professional astrologer.The first time he introduced me to my birthchart I saw the symbols and lines etc and I immediately…”recognized the language”….like a long lost friend.I felt gratitude then also but this…this was off the charts.The paralyzed mans wife told me that her husband told her to sell everything and give it to me.I asked her why he said that? She said “he said he sees a silver cord coming from heaven connected to the top of your head and he knows that you are going to heal him”. I told her she didn’t have to sell anything…just buy some special oils….

The Healing of The Paralyzed Man : pt.1

I was living in Europe. I had basically taken (literally) a house. I had no money. I had nothing but a broken heart due to losing the woman I loved. In this grief stricken state of mind the only thing I could do to keep my mind off of her was study. So study I did. I refused to get a job and since I had no money…I had to steal. I stole mostly books from the book store. I lived off of the land. I refused to get a job because I knew that what I wanted to learn could not be learned while maintaining a job. I begin to master the occult…metaphysics,magic,healing,astrology,numerology,tarot and on and on. One day I understood that soon the planets would align in a way which would permit a Jesus consciousness to manifest if one was aware of the right moment and had passed the proper initiations…..done all the proper disciplines…if they were prepared they could claim the birthright of Jesus. I was well prepared….from birth actually. So…..the moment came when pluto squared the moon in aquarius….I was on the roof with my sword and other occult items. At the precise moment I claimed the birthright of Jesus. As I came down from the roof I threw my astrological dice and they “said” Pluto Leo 1….” The Power of Self Expression”. There was a great flood the next day. A great flood. Now…after these events….an old lady knocked on my door one day and asked could I help her get her husband out of bed and into his wheelchair. She said that he just recently came home from the hospital. She said that it was time for his therapy. I said of course I’ll help you. She was a very old lady and the first thing I noticed was the long flight of stairs she had to climb to get back to her house. As I entered the room…I saw a nurse slap the old man in the head. I was shocked yet I didn’t say anything. I helped the old man out of bed and put him in his wheelchair and then I left. That night I kept seeing the image of that nurse slapping that old man in the head and it began to eat at me. The next morning the old lady knocked on my door again. I said of course I will help you. This time when I got there I decided to take my time and actually see what was going on with this man. He was paralyzed from the neck down. I thought ” this is a heavy situation here…old lady with and old man that’s paralyzed. This old lady is catching hell”. I could see the genuine love for her husband radiating from her entire being and it was both sad and inspiring at the same time. By the time I got back to my place…I had already made up my mind that I was going to heal that man.

As Above So Below : Proof That Jesus Is Real

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a lady friend of mine. She said Jesus was not real.She had watched the movie Zeitgeist and it had shaken her belief system. She said that what she got from the movie was that God was the sun just as early man used to worship the sun. She talked about how in every religion they have basically the same story with the main characters having different names and how Jesus and the disciples corresponds with the sun and planets. The movie really had her shook up. Finally I told her that most of what was said in the movie was indeed true but even if everything that was said in that movie were true….that still doesn’t deny the existence of Jesus. Then I had to explain one of the laws of the universe.Now even though you cannot find laws of the universe in religious text….at least not directly….I sometimes use the bible to explain myself.I use the bible only because the region where I was born is predominately people who profess belief in the bible. If I were in the middle east etc…perhaps I’d use the Koran…the point is that it really doesn’t matter.Religious texts are truth….just different levels of truth.Religious text deals with religion while science deals with science.Religous texts are stories designed to plant seeds. The characters are not as important as the ideas. In other words…the idea of Jesus is more important than the name Jesus? He could be called Marques…it does not matter. Any one who says Jesus is not real is simply caught up in the confusion of names,labels,categories,descriptions etc. or they simply desire to not believe without actual examination of the facts. Another major problem for the seeker of truth is that they have been taught that there is only 1 truth when in fact there are many truths. Many temporal truths but 1 absolute truth. Many opposite or contradictory truths can all simultaneously be the truth. Religion is the truth and so is astrology and so are psychics and so is Jesus and so is Zeitgeist and on and on people? If properly understood…science confirms religion and visa versa. Ok…. As above so below. Most have heard the saying “all is written”….well…it’s written by the movement of the planets,hence astrology (the study of the planets influences on earth and man).. The bible says “as it is in heaven”….When you look up at the sky…you are looking at heaven. The sun is a member of the heavenly bodies as are all the stars and planets etc. The mere existence of a sun….demands that there is a son….period. As above so below. There is no argument that can deny this universal law. There is no argument that can deny this universal truth.It is immutable. It cannot be changed. Now “what goes up must come down” (which she uttered when she began to understand) is not a law although the pendulum is. The pendulum swings from one point back to the other…rise and fall or to be more accurate….birth and decay. Polarity (everything has a positive and a negative) is also a law. As above so below is a law. As the sun gives warmth,light etc….so does the son. As there is an ornament (sun) in heaven…so shall there be on earth (son). There is no way possible to deny the existence of Jesus from a religious ,philosophical,or even scientific perspective. It is a fact. It is a law…. if there is a sun… there is a Jesus (son).

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